Web censorship 'bypass' unveiled


A tool has been created capable of circumventing government censorship of the web, according to researchers. The free program has been constructed to let citizens of countries with restricted web access retrieve and display web pages from anywhere.

So if you live in China, it might be worth a try...

As reported by the BBC


Oh boy...

Psiphon works through social networks. A net user in an uncensored country can download the program to their computer, which transforms it into an access point.

They can then give contacts in censored countries a unique web address, login and password, which enables the restricted users to freely browse the web through an encrypted connection to the proxy server.

I can see the scraping and spamming from this already...

I had a friend who was a

I had a friend who was a killer TV repairman. He could hot wire a broken TV (or computer monitor ;-) for pennies... usually able to find ways around proprietary parts requirements. He had been trained by a master, apprenticing to his Dad at age 5, and working in a TV repair business instead of going to school. I met him shortly after his dad died next to him in their prison cell. When his father died in prison, the boy was set free because he was underage when they were arrested together and inprisoned.

That was in China.

Spread the proxy via citizen's own computers and you simply strengthen the government's position, because you provide the people with scapegoats to hang signs upon as evil. Social repression is different from tyrannical suppression, and the best censors (e.g. China) work via social means.


I will dl the program as soon as it becomes avaible on December 1st.

I do hope that this program is all that I have heard it is.

FREE SPEECH is truly rare and worth far more than Gold...

Many men throughout History have thought that FREE SPEECH was worth more than their own lives and died to ensure that people could speak their thoughts in a FREE manner... ?Let us hope that programs (and people) like this will make that kind of sacrifice unnecessary in the future.

Major Kudos to the program authors!


How is this different from the Tor network? You can already run a Tor server and help the cause of anonymous browsing. Psiphon looks directly traceable to the end user which could have unfortunate consequences for both parties.


"Tor can't solve all anonymity problems. It focuses only on protecting the transport of data. You need to use protocol-specific support software if you don't want the sites you visit to see your identifying information."

Nothing wrong with Tor, it just does not provide anonymous browsing.

that's well known since it

that's well known since it was created... you need to use privoxy or some other. It's outlined on almost every website that promotes Tor for download (including the eff for a while).

Tor bundle

Tor comes bundled with Privoxy & Vidalia for Windows and Mac packages. In the earlier days of Tor you had to get Privoxy and install it on your own. Now it's an included download and the setup and configuration of Privoxy are integrated in the install package.

The Tor model, with Privoxy, seems a bit more workable than this new Psiphon method.


The Tor model, with Privoxy, seems a bit more workable than this new Psiphon method.

I am going to reserve judgement till I see Psiphon.

However, in my experience, it is very very rare that any proxie is truly anonymous.

One thing about Psiphon that differs it from TOR.

...using small trusted networks as a delivery mechanism made it more difficult for censors to find and shut down psiphon.

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