French Producer Sues Google for Distributing Film for free


Google's copyright issues abroad continue to multiply, with the producer of the film "The World According to Bush" has taken legal action against Google Video France for distributing the film.

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Napster 2.0 :)


Total irony

Piracy is pretty bad in europe. You can buy pirated american video games and movies on the streets of most major cities while the authorities turn a blind eye. But the second the tables turn its time to take legal action...

american video games and movies

on the streets of most major cities , really I have seen that in the UK carboot sales are the main area but the Customs move in very quickly.



My brother was in Spain for several months. Every once in a while he would see vendors with blankets on the ground who had pirated copies of movies, games, etc. in both Pal and NTSC formats.

The funny thing according to my bro, was that the edges and corners of most of these blankets were fitted with fishing string so that one could quickly pull a chord and have the bundle wrapped into a large 'bag' that could be carried off quickly.

He said that he observed police go after these vendors from time to time but mainly they let the vendor go and took the movies/music.


Also... unlike Napster 1.0, as several people have pointed out in various posts around the web... Since Napster and other file sharing sites were killed off, legislation called "safe harbor" has been introduced in the US. So... Google might have a few cards to play from their hand.

literally 95%+ of movies

literally 95%+ of movies sold in brazil are pirated.

I was sitting in Starbucks

I was sitting in Starbucks and a guy came up to me with a backpack full of copied DVD's and dloaded DVD's selling them for a fiver each!

A true mobile businessman.

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