YouTube to Launch Phone-Based Subscription Service


Selected YouTube content will be made available on Verizon phones for $15/month in a deal to be announced Tuesday [NY Times].

“This marquee partnership is the first of many,” said Kelly Liang, senior director of business development for YouTube.


$15/month to view content

$15/month to view content that is free and submitted by users?

Is it the content or the ability to view the content the're charging for?

Verizon wants desperately to

Verizon wants desperately to charge per-view for web-based content. They don't care where it comes from, they just want an access fee for delivery to the phone device. Call it a modern day "termination fee".

The virtual monopoly has a lot of staying power, but that old telco way of thinking is what keeps Verizon from being a great company.

Is that the *only* way the

Is that the *only* way the selected content will be available? If not, why would people bother?

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