Breaking news: Bad stuff available on the internet!


People are getting their knickers in a knot over YouTube videos showing how to pick locks. See the article, even some Google employee named 'Sergey Brin' admits to using videos like this to succesfully pick locks. Sergey's employer, Google, however denies all responsibility for this and suggests critics need to hit on Youtube for their concerns. Because apparently a 'wholly owned subsidiary' absolves you of responsibility. Reminds me of that problem they had in Brazil.

Welcome to the world (and problems) of making money from user submitted content. Seems GooTube is making more headlines these days over content problems than they are over their actual service.


Soda Machine Hack

Here's one on how to hack a soda machine for free drinks, not that I condone those actions

What is it with you

and soda machines Michael?!


Brings Back Memories

Of those old days when people were bitching because instructions for hacking and phreaking were made available. You could download wardialers and even get nifty little things like 'Virii Creators" and the Anarchist Cookbook was finally available to the masses with a simple click.

The little old earth just kept spinning.


Thanks Graywolf, another one for the bookmarks...for legal reasons, of course :)

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