Danny Moves On


Danny announced his last post at SEW and that he will be launching Search Engine Land tomorrow.

Although he surely doesn't need it, best of luck with the new site Danny. And it looks like Elisabeth Osmeloski has big shoes to fill, continuing as managing editor at SEW.

A few data points


Only the newsletter tomorrow

The site is still launching the 11th:

The formal launch of Search Engine Land remains December 11. However, Barry and I have decided to kickstart the daily SearchCap newsletter this Friday.

He'll do fine

I am sure Danny's site will take off like a rocket. It will be interesting to run those numbers again in a year.

Danny, if you have a forum, how about going with a simpler template than what was used at SEW? Many veterans (myself included) felt bombarded by ad space and I know it hampered participation,

> simpler template

AND start out with a tough-ass TOS this time. The last start was nice and all that, but naive.

And not allow people to post

And not allow people to post crap that is completely wrong...


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