Do SSL Certificates affect your domain


Interesting observation about how websites with SSL Certificates might be treated better by spam filters than sites without - even if they don't need them for e-commerce.


Although the blog post at

Although the blog post at ian visits site is about email this is definately worth thinking about as a measure of trust for a webserver in relation to spam and SERPs.

Does it occur? Well that's another discussion in itself


Presuming that Google does check the length a domain is registered for as part of its own algo, I would guess that the presence (or absence) of a Certificate could well be an additional check they make.

I wonder if they have a patent on that yet ;)

I could see the case for an

I could see the case for an SSL cert being a "signal of quality" as it's an additional, quantifiable investment. I (personally) wouldn't have thought it was a primary factor though, merely a source of corroboration

could be a sign of anything :)

yep it could (should?) be a sign of quality. Although of course lots of sites use third party processing which doesn't mean they aren't decent quality, just they don't want to pay the CC costs for online processing of their own.

Of course it could also work both ways, if a site has no reason for an SSL and it has a really low cost (or free) one then perhaps thats a sign that the owner is playing games?

but it involves code

The premise would involve someone at the plex actually writing code that could perform the ssl handshake properly. Code that actually works.

It also involves checking that the cert isn't a self signed cert.

Are low priced certs going to be less reliable than high priced certs?

Betcha the Verisign people are rubbing their hands in glee. Just in time for Christmas too.

Or, an alternative algo, "the spammer can afford the ten bucks for a cert through a reseller account".

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