The Perfect Web Site Algo

Pwebsite = { ((14.14* EaseNav) + (13.56*Speed) + (13.11*CleanDes) + (10.89*Func) + (10.89*Up)) - ((12.63*Pops) + (10.32*Ads) +(5.21*MultiM)) } / 6.26 -

Rackspace has come up with the formula that they believe is the way to ascertain how perfect your website is

Rackspace got Social Issues Research Centre to undertake a survey and came up with the following.

83% of respondents reported ease of navigation as being the most important factor in their 'ideal' website, with 62% rating high speed and 49% rating functionality as the other key factors

80% of people surveyed rated a clean and simple overall design as their most desirable design factor with only 6% wanting innovative use of flash and multimedia options

Running a faster (61%) and easier to navigate (52%) website were the two most popular improvements people would make to internet sites today.

In order to understand the formula, Rackspace has given the following explanation:

Pwebsite = the degree of perfection of the website
EaseNav = ease of navigation
Speed = the speed at which pages load
CleanDes = clean and simple design
Func = functionality -' does what it says on the tin'
Up = the site is always alive
Pops = the site tries to give you pop-ups
Ads = excessive advertising
MultiM = Flash and other multimedia

I tried this very site according to how I feel about it and it said

Your site scored 73%

Is it all Friday Foo or is there some value in thinking in these terms ? Personally I think even a perfect website is useless without traffic, but what do I Know?



But it depends on us to fill out the form. No reference.

Every spammer's site will score a full 100%. Luckily it's not a SE algo LOL

super scientific

using self-assessment to generate a "score" for your site. riiiiight. might as well make a questionnaire that gives a person a statistical appraisal of their own awesomeness.

decent linkbait, though.

nice idea...

grasshopper, give us a link to that questionnaire... i need statistical proof of my own awesomeness:)

Here's another formula...

BullshitAlert = (33.3 * RackSpace) + (33.3 * BlowingSmokeUpMyAss) + (33.3 * DesperateCryForAttemtion)

It's all in the PR and in

It's all in the PR and in this instance i mean it in the old sense of the acronym. Good on RS even if I agree with you Bill


I only got 58%, cheap bastards ;)

I only got 58%, cheap

I only got 58%, cheap bastards ;)

Try a different sales call - you'll probably get offers of 78% and 83%, depending which salesperson speaks to you. ;)

Perhaps the most interesting

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is that a hosting company with a very high premium sponsored the research and promotes it. Bottom line it reports that SPEED and UPTIME are the most important factors for web site success (see their summary statement) even if there's all that ease of use and nav n stuff in there, too.

Desperate is Right

I made the mistake of calling Rackspace for a quote. Now they won't leave me alone.

hey got 80%

I got 80% there ...dont think so if it's fact ...i was expecting 100 % ;) LOL

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