Info Search Media Still Practicing Reputation Managment with


Reputation management is one of the emerging SEO disciplines of 2006 and I expect it will become more important as we move into 2007. With that in mind Info Search Media is throwing their hat into the ring with a new procuct for 2007 called BrandMyself (see PRESS RELEASE )

"In this day and age, a simple Google search can bring up all sorts of information, both positive and negative," said George Lichter, President and CEO, InfoSearch Media. "People need to be in control of their 'personal brand.' A prospective employer or school admissions committee isn't going to respond well to a blog page littered with party photos. According to a recent study by ExecuNet, seventy-seven percent of executive recruiters run background checks on candidates by using search engines. The BrandMyself™ system features a number of options to help ensure people can develop and maintain their best possible personal brand -- and leave skeletons in the closet where they belong."

"There are a few new startups that handle the more trivial elements of what BrandMyself™ can do, but the InfoSearch advantage is our proven expertise in content and ranking. That core competence lies at the center of what we deliver to more than 2,500 of our existing business customers every day," said Lichter. "We are now leveraging that same business expertise to deliver what individuals really want: the ability to build and control their personal brand on the Internet."

With such lofty goals I find it actually quite amusing how a company who claims to be a service provider for reputation management can't even rank for their own brand. I mean really how hard could it be to secure a top 10 listing when there are 8 open slots for [brandmyself]. I mean heck anybody should be able rank a crappy PPC landing page that they own. Even looking at [Brand Myself] reveals a SERP pretty devoid of any competition. Didn't anybody think to check the SERP before they published a press release?!?!


Another one..

That they would probably want to fall by the way side was a thread with me questioning there content delivery methods on your favourite forum ihelpyou - Listed at #10 for there company name.

Alot of thought has obviously been put into the direction that they are taking things over there.

you Can't Make This Stuff Up

Too funny. Even the most obvious personal "brand" from that quote George Lichter shows an Ask Jeeves Separation Agreement as #4, and highlights (of all he things that could be highlighted in the top 10...):

Lichter is a former ’60s counterculture guy who’d roughed it in an Alaskan cabin without running water

Note to self: Add new item to Personal Reputation Management Task List: litter the web with fake "sample agreements" that show me as CEO, Chairman of the Board, Supreme Grand PooBah, and Oh Most Benevolent Philanthropist. People believe what they read.

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