Did Google "block" a click-fraud criminal prosection


According to this article, Google quietly decided not to cooperate with prosecutors of a click fraud blackmailer, so as to protect their trade secrets, and possibly hide the extent of click fraud on their network.

Worrying stuff for AdWords users



Nasty Article

after reading stuff like that and my personal experience with this click fraud detection tool I built being banned in the Adwords system (I guess it did it's job too well) irks me beyond belief.

I don't know - the article

I don't know - the article is 100% speculation. The DA didn't say they dropped the charges because of google's lack of cooperation. Reporters twist people's words around all the time, and twisting the words of an unknown source is pretty easy.

Click fraud occurs and google fights it. If nobody was converting on the web, Adwords wouldn't be as popular as it is. Certainly big advertisers are more susceptible to click fraud, but I would imagine that anybody who spends big dollars also does their best to manage click fraud internally as well.

I wouldn't even go so far as to say that google is good at detecting click fraud, but with adwords being their largest revenue source, I would imagine that they are quite dedicated to the task.

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