Million Dollar Home Page Creator Tries to Strike Gold Twice


Alex Tew creator of the original The Million Dollar Home Page has come up with a second version Pixelotto. In this version he's giving away cash prizes to people who click on the ads and visit the sites, and cash back to one of the advertisers after all the links are sold (See How It Works).

I was an advertiser on the original version and it worked out really well for me (see Million Dollar Home Page Stats). I actually received an email about this last week and jumped in right away getting a really prime location. Can he strike lightning twice, maybe but he's got a lot more competition this time. Will people trying to monetize those clicks through adsense come under closer scrutiny, possibly so be careful.

Editors Note
Link drops to million dollar copycats or other pixel based advertising sites will be shown no mercy.




Its like a Honeypot for Stupid People.

Alex is copying the copiers...

Alex is not the first to give away 1 million. Do a search for "my million dollar city". It's a nice spin with a virtual city but they launched long ago promising to give away a million dollars.

Kind of ironic that everyone copies him, then he turns around and copies the copiers. His will be way more successful though.

If there were any proof

If there were any proof needed that he lucked out originally, its the fact he's now copying his same -- clearly one-time -- idea, without anything new (prizes and a lottery are not new ideas). He's now trading on his previous success to generate enough media interest to drive the same thing into the ground again.

Why he thought this would be a good idea, I can't imagine. Even boredom produces more original ideas.

Snarky, indeed.


...he did pump like $7K per month into media coverage the first few months of his first endeavor. Maybe he is doing the same. It could make the difference (and his previous success to cap on helps too).

I hope it fails for all our sakes. We don't need a third, fourth, etc. iteration of this over time! :)


I thought his 15 min of fame was over..

I thought his 15 min of fame was over.. There is a quote from the movie 'Office Space' that covers this:

You know there are people in this world who don't have to put up with
all this shit? Like that guy that invented the pet rock. You see,
that's what you have to do. You have to use your mind and come up with
some really great idea like that and you never have to work again!

I don't think the pet rock was really such a good idea.

The guy made a million dollars! Y'know… I had an idea like that once.

Really? What was it, Tom?

Well, all right. It was a Jump… to Conclusions-mat. You see, it would
be this mat that you would put on the floor and it would have different
conclusions written on it that you could…jump to.

That is the worse idea I've ever heard in my life, Tom.

Yes, yes, it's horrible…this idea….

actually Michael says...

You think the Pet Rock was a really great idea...

sorry, stickler for accuracy. i think i'll get back to my game of Jump To Conclusions now, thank you very much.

count the ads on the site now

Doesnt have to be great or original to make cash.


Money isnt everything

sadjlk jaksdas j;fdkl

Sorry, did I really write that?

My buddy's copy-cat page...

...The Million Dollar Web Page is seeing a resurgence in traffic. He says it has jumped up to approximately 10 to 20x the traffic he had been seeing for the last few months. About 1/10 of the traffic at its heyday.

I cannot believe Alex's money counter (on Pixelotto) is climbing as fast as it is. Oh, it's $2/pixel now to cover the prize. Must be a whole new set of crazy people. No offence Graywolf. :)


Crazy People

None taken. Although I can tell you it's all about location. Get a good spot and you'll get decent traffic get a bad one and you get bupkus. So I'll be crazy like a fox ... err wolf ;-)

He copied us

I emailed Alex last summer about our idea, and it appeared he copied us. Except he dropped our idea of an affiliate program and doesn't have a blog.

Could be good controversy - and that means traffic I hope.


Editors note: link removed GW

Why he thought this would be

Why he thought this would be a good idea, I can't imagine. Even boredom produces more original ideas.

Yeah, I bet he barely makes half a million with this lame idea

if you think its a lame idea

He has a concept which no matter what anyone personally thinks of
there is a prize fund as I write is for $107,000

If you read the FAQ's hes also giving the winner of the $1M the opportunity to donate $100,000 to a charity of there choice.

Asides from the fact he started the Million$homepage (which means he has avenues into media as lots of people were wondering what hes doing next) ,the revenue split of - 50% to winner - 10% to a charity and he takes 40% for doing so much work :) - there is so many angles with this spilt for free PR

If you look at the FAQs and see the current prize pot $107,000 which means $214,000 has been generated, so if no one else buys another pixel from this site thats less than a week old for advertisers under the FAQ's - my understanding is no more pixels sold, then they award 50% of the total to a user and a further 10% to charity

So based on $107,000 he has generated $214,000 if no one buys another pixel - someone gets $107K a charity gets $10.7K and he gets over a $100K

Whatever anyone thinks of the idea, if I did something which was very easy to manage and with the opps for the charity donation PR and based on the the hype from my last site etc...

If no one bought another pixel, I would happily take my $100K and put up with being called lame

Read the FAQ's he wins anyway, hes got the hype, got the contacts after working in the previous site to generate interest

In the end he will walk with a few $000K minus hosting and maybe a few $000 in marketing

To me after being up over $100K in 2 weeks say what you like

Cant live off pixels all your life, but as much as the concept is pointless I thinks its a smart angle as he building on the hype he has previously generated, and in the process of having a 'hyped' up webpage and my new one only made $500,000 - Call me what you like I'll take my 1.5M

Now if he announces another pixel venture afterwards, yes he will probably need a slap

Whatever way i look at it, its just free money for him

I give him kudos but I also know...

...there were over 2,000 (if not more) copycat pages of which probably about 20-40 of them were some sort of lotto or giveback type spin on it. I know the U.S. based sites got a lot of slack back about "illegal lotto" and such. I'm too lazy to see if his lotto spin matches that of any other.

It all comes down to shelling out $$$ for "buzz" and capping on his past fame.


To be clear: I'm not

To be clear: I'm not begrudging him or the 'winner' their money. He will deserve it, having milked the cashcow of his idea (surely) dry. Its just rather a shame, given the (undeniable, [kind of stupid]) originality of his first foray into the game, that his follow-up lacks any kind of difference from his original, and many other copy-cat, site.

Basically, I expected more.

If he can ride the same idea

If he can ride the same idea twice, and make it pay, twice, good luck to him. Why waste a new idea, when the old one will do?

International versions

Looks like the sold ~ 250,000$ by now (prize fund *2).
There are International Versions, I saw an Israeli Hebrew Pixelotto.

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