Nationwide Insurance : We will not cover SEO firms


Nationwide Insurance won't insure an SEO company because there are too many
'liability lawsuits'. This statement was told directly to Threadwatch member MattKP by Nationwide Insurance

Founders Note:
So how does does a Search Marketing firm cover themselves?


nation wide -- stab you in the side

Nation Wide has a history of stiffing people. So, you would be best to take your business elsewhere anyway.


One trait that's common is ignorance by underwriters. It's entirely possible the folks at nationwide don't have any idea what SEO is and you got lumped in as 'an independent contractor doing computer related work'. And when they're unsure, they just don't insure.

That 'too many liability lawsuits' is a pretty good indicator they don't know what they're talking about and again is indicative that they're thinking you're a webmaster, not an seo outfit. I know the insurers are kinky about liability when developing apps on websites.

In short, this probably isn't about SEO, it's about an underwriter who thinks you build websites and applications for a living.

so, wheel

it's been my experience that finding a knowledgeable underwriter for professional liability insurance isn't all that easy. where to start?

Nationwide isn't on your side?

So Nationwide isn't on my side?

MC Hammer lied to me.

how is the seo industry perceived?

Having seen what I have in the past few years, lawsuits between SEOs and clients may be a bit more common than some might think. I almost want to believe the insurance company when they say there are too many lawsuits.

Its not hard to believe with our industry which is newer - made up of a lot of small businesses running it and clientele who do not totally understand the nature of what we actually do to be more argumentative over a contract when its a performance service rather than a solid product.

Maybe not so stupid

Maybe it's a clever bit of SEO and they are just trying to create some buzz and we're all just fanning the flames!

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