Satellite Mobile TV goes Live

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Satellite-based mobile television goes live
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I vaguely recall reading some argument that satellite broadcast to mobile was not a viable option but for the life of me cant remember where, what or why - these guys seem to be doing it though...

TU Media Corp. will start trial operations of satellite-based mobile television today and attempt to realize the futuristic notion of watching television on mobile phones while traveling in cars or commuter trains.

The company, which hopes to begin commercial services on May 1, will provide three video and six radio channels during the trial period, featuring programs from leading cable television stations such as news network YTN and music channel m-Net.

Customers of SK Telecom Co., the country's largest mobile operator, can access the television services after purchasing Samsung Electronics Co.'s new SCH-B100 mobile phone that features a 2.2-inch liquid-crystal display and a battery capable of providing more than two hours of viewing time. The model is priced at 1 million won.

Thanks mc


The model is priced at 1 million won

..seems to equate to about $1000 if you are not into won.

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