The Peanut Butter Effect - Yahoo! Reshuffles Executives


In a move aimed at becoming more accountable and less beauracratic - Yahoo! Inc. said that it was restructuring its operations and shuffling its management ranks.

The moves include the departure of Daniel L. Rosensweig, the chief operating officer since April 2003, and the resignation of Lloyd Braun, the former ABC executive who has run Yahoo’s media group.

Does anyone else always think of Seinfeld when hearing Lloyd Braun's name? :)

Under the plan, Yahoo will reorganize itself into three operating units, including one focused on its audience and one on its advertisers and publishers. A third unit, focused on technology, will develop products serving the entire organization.

NY Times coverage


I love Yahoo, But I don't Know What to make of all of this....

A few weeks ago, this dude (who would not tell me where he worked) told me that Google was going to buy Yahoo. I blew it off as pure wild rumor.. but now I'm starting to think... well is it really that impossible?

I always thought that...

...the "peanut butter effect" was the rule that a slice of bread or toast covered with peanut butter on one side will almost always land on the floor buttered-side-down.

I'm confused now. Is Yahoo buttering up its managers and then dropping them on the floor face down?

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