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Test a Linux setup: free & without touching your current
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Not much info for SEO but interesting Linux resources in this thread nonetheless. With more web developers and SEO's thinking about switching from Windows to Linux, for security concerns this is a good thread to read.


Not much info for SEO

I'm not so sure, Damn Small Linux now offers a bootable USB stick. Plenty of room to add your own tools and easy to move from place to place :)


If you can learn a little com

If you can learn a little comand line voodoo then id say Linux is top of my list of seo tools.. seriously. Suck up an entire website in a few keystrokes, search recursively through the entire site for what you need, scope out the network the site is on and what other sites are on the same network and hey presto! Youve got a LOT more info on the competition than they have on you...

Knowledge is power..

Especially when you can get 1GB USB Drives

See here Driverless USB Storage Device

My only problem with Linux is the price thing - at the moment you can charge a Windows user for pretty much anything you like and they are used to paying. Every Linux user wants it for free.

Just compare hosting prices for instance, once you've covered your initial overhead Windows hosting is much more lucrative than UNIX hosting. (All I got to work out is how to keep charging windows hosting prices for a Unix server)

P.S. I just ordered my first Linux server this week.

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