What it means to Design for Mobile

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What it really means to design for mobile
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MobileGirl, in the threadlink above has some very good, if rather broad points about designing applications for mobile and why thinking along those lines is crucial at this time:

as I learn more, get deeper into the interaction of the phones, and understand more about how these devices are changing our everyday habits, I am beginning to see that it's not even about making a compliment. It's about making a "mobile system", a "mobile interaction", a "mobile application". It's not about extending the desktop. It's not about interacting with the desktop. It's about making the mobile device a central unit and it's about placing a focus on the whole system... the phone and the desktop (maybe even the TV and radio). It's about figuring out when to push, when to pull, when to alert, notify, sync, and require confirmation. It's mostly about throwing out many of the interaction principles we've learned about and creating ones that make sense for that time and space. It's about giving the user the easiest way to access what they are looking for at any time and making it feel like they are in the application... not on one specific device!

Doesn't she write nicely? heh..

Good stuff, the thing that worries me most about the oncoming mobile shift is that right now, it's about applications - and i didnt even get profficient at Python let alone J2ME hehe...

What i'd like to know is just how much opportunity is there for web devs to get in on this without having to program applications, ie. to continue to build websites and market to a mobile audience....?