Yahoo faces Fantasy Football lawsuit by Tom Brady


DECEMBER 7--Along with a sweeping management reorganization and shrinking stock price, Yahoo! also has to contend with a lawsuit filed against it by the gridiron's golden boy, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

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Founders Note:
As if Yahoo! doesn't have enough to worry about.


From attorneys Goss and Goo.

Thought that was a little funny...just a little.


Pull the plug on the image,

pay off the complaining party and make a nice donation to Tom Brady's favorite charity.

I shorted YHOO

The best advice is to short all companies that profit off of delivering pay per click ads. ValueClick, Yahoo, Google, and to much lesser extents IACI (Ask Jeeve's parent) and MSFT.

IACI might not be such a bad thing to shrot either. There are antitrust allegations afoot in teh secondary ticket market business. IACI also owns TicketMaster, you see... a veritable monopoly worldwide of the primary ticket industry (so much so they charge $4 per ticket to *email* them to you).

Try this ... go to the new and type in, o, i don't know ... "concert tickets" and pick your city. Below is what happens when you search for Houston, TX:

#1 Verizon Wireless Theater [TicketMaster venue]
#2 Kroger Food Store [TicketMaster retailer]
#3 Kroger Food Store
#4 Fiesta Mart and Ticketmaster Outlet
#5 Kroger Food Store
#6 Kroger Food Store
#7 Fiesta Mart and Ticketmaster Outlet
#8 Spec's Liquor Warehouse [TicketMaster venue]
#9 Dillard's [TicketMaster retailer]
#10 Fiesta Mart and Ticketmaster Outlet

That is Utterly Ridiculous!

That is utterly ridiculous!

He is also suing the

He is also suing the University of Florida for "not being a very good football team." It's true. You can look it up.

omg only in america

Depends if yahoo brought the image they can do what they like with it - I take it you cant sue a newspaper for printing a picture of him fumbleing a snap or getting sacked.

"suing the University of Florida for "not being a very good football team."

Um ok so who's up for a class action suit aginst the RFU and the MCC then :-)

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