Friday Bullocks - They may have all 'our' tech jobs


India may have all the tech, phone support, and web writing jobs, but they're still coming up short in a few other areas. So I guess we don't get the jobs, but we can still get the chicks?

Condoms designed to meet international size specifications are too big for many Indian men as their penises fall short of what manufacturers had anticipated,


They even did 'a study'. A study??? I'd rather be caught being a ring tone affiliate than admit I did those kinds of studies for a living.

(Aside: the tongue in cheek article throws in a more serious point. Seems India has extremely high HIV positive caseload. I sure wasn't aware of that.)


Link doesn't work. I think

Link doesn't work. I think you mean here:

totally random but

is there an american phrase about bullocks or is it just that no one can understand what us brits are saying? I've been wondering that for ages - all 'mericans seem to use it instead of bollocks.....

A bullock-

-is a castrated bull. I think the association is bull, bullshit, bullocks. Americans should just 'steer' clear of British bollocks eh?

The same has... long been

The same has... long been said of Asian men.

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