Google Phone Spamming With Auto Dialers


Via SERoundtable, comes news of a WMW thread about Google using auto dialers to spam AdWords advertisers:

"Please press 1 if you spend less than $5000 per month, Please press 2 if you have the budget to spend $5000 or more per month and are interested in our Premium Services. Please press 3 if you are interested in job opportunities."

I hit 2 and am taken to a voicemail box. Hit zero to speak to an operator, and I am transferred to the Google Chicago office and leave a voicemail.

Less than 5 minutes later the phone rings again, Google on the caller id. Same message. This time I hit 2 and leave a voicemail.

John Andrews wonders if Google might realize they in danger of losing some advertisers to SEO:

Funny how Google and I agree that $5k/month spend is worthy of special attention, but not-so-funny that so many business people at Pubcon were already spending more than that (sometimes 7 times that much!) without professional help nor bid management in place.

There are reasons Google is now a $150+ billion dollar company, and I think the same reasons are driving Google to reach out to that low-hanging-fruit before it rots.

And now that Google phone spams with auto dialers, doesn't that undermine their credibility when they try to call anything else spam?


Ummm - yes

And now that Google phone spams with auto dialers, doesn't that undermine their credibility when they try to call anything else spam?

Yes but it also depends on whether or not the number they were calling for werty was on file as an advertiser or not.

If it was - then it's just tacky b/c you are calling an advertiser and basically saying "We don't know anything about you and we don't even care enough about you to have a person make this call"

If it was just a cold-call then it's even worse because then they are basically just telemarketing spam with a robot.

In Indiana, telemarketing

In Indiana, telemarketing with a recording is basically illegal, unless you are police or a charity. There needs to be a real live human on the other end of that line when I answer the phone. Fines can be assessed per violation. Just like email spammers, companies that telemarket me are less likely to see new business or repeat business from me but when one has near monopoly status it leads to a sense of entitlement, I suppose.

Anyway, I do hope Google has researched the laws of all 50 states so they don't get hammered. Although if they get enough fines if might help lower my taxes so that would be cool. :)

telemarketing laws

Most telemarketing rules apply to B2C. There are not a lot concerning B2B which this would fall under.

And they are a monopoly reaching out to businesses.

I just did some mental

I just did some mental arithmetic. Even if every advertiser spent 5k a month with them they'd still have 33000 advertisers. I imagine for every 5k advertiser there are 10 spending less.

No wonder they want to automate parts of the process.

Anyone press '3'... see what that was about? Geared toward advertising or SOE or something?


Ellen Is Queen Of Spam

I have recently received offers for tickets to the Ellen Digeneros Show in my spam folder... seems her tickets are available to those sign up for two services ponzi like schemes.
I had a bunch of them offering tickets. Must come from the same Spam gift suppliers inventory the Ipods and Flat Screens come from.... could it be WalMart?

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