Google Moves Into Houston Real Estate


I'm sure seeing all the activity in Google base for Real Estate Agents and MLS services prompted this move (Google to post Realtor MLS data - via

Information on homes for sale in Houston and a host of other markets will soon be available on Google as the Mountain View search engine giant polishes a plan to marry the content with its mapping service.


Justin McCarthy, a Google spokesman, said via e-mail that the company is eager to work with multiple listings service systems, especially the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR).

"They are an incredibly forward-thinking MLS that has the trust and respect of both their members in Houston and the real estate industry at large," Mr. McCarthy said in the e-mail. "Other MLS (systems) look at HAR as a group to watch and emulate."

Let's just hope this isn't the start of Google Properties to Appear #1 in all SERPs


I wonder how much of the MLS

I wonder how much of the MLS data will be made visible. There's a big difference in the levels of MLS reporting. If it's on the higher end, could be some cool mashups in the pipeline.

Google needed to

do this for a few reasons, one of which is dupe content. Listings were getting uploaded multiple times.

I applaud REInfoLink for their actions and am at odds with HAR's decision. In NoCal, Prudential California Realty had already cut a deal with Google. It is better to do this at a company level because it drives the consumer back to the company, not to the local Realtor association. It's always about the data, and unfortunately too many brokers fail to understand this.

Secondly, Zillow announced last week that anyone could advertise their property for sale on Zillow. Unlike Base, Zillow has just about every US property in their database, so simply attaching a for sale sign to it is easy and put the control in the hands of the owner or the owner's representative. is quickly losing ground, with local mls boards around the country pulling their listings. Most recently and notably was Seattle pulling their data feed from While I dont see HAR's actions to be widely replicated, I do see more brokers following Prudential's lead.

#1 in SERPS

Graywolf, that is a given.

hey, it's their search

hey, it's their search engine :)

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