SearchEngineWatch Blackballs Danny Sullivan


Update: SEW says it's all a big mistake

Problem: The head guy at your site & conference just left and started a competing site and conference.

1) Remove Daggle from SEWBlog blogroll
2) Remove Daily SearchCast link from blogroll
3) Fail to link to SEL in blogroll (despite Danny's goodwill & professionalism and plenty of links back the other way)
4) ????????
5) Profit!!!!!

Note to Incisive: The SEO community is very catty. You better start greasing people fast.


you've got it completely

you've got it completely wrong, FYI. This is a result of a simple miscommunication between me & the developers - i was asking them how to update the blogroll, so I could add SEL, as well as a few others I thought could get added.

trust me, it'll get fixed - I have no intentions of 'blackballing' my colleague & friend, and he knows that... to say otherwise, well, that's just ridiculously catty, and clearly you don't know me at all.

>simple miscommunication So

>simple miscommunication

So to get this straight, you asked them to add Search Engine Land but they thought you said remove Daggle and SearchCast?

Well in Anonymous Scaredy Cat's defense,

he DID admit he was catty.

Things that make you go hmm

Well here's a screen shot of the cache from 12-10-2006 and the current SEW blogroll as of 12-12-2006. Let's just say it looks a little ... odd ...


well, i'm updating it this

well, i'm updating it this second, folks... so hold your freakin horses... also taking off anything that hasn't been updated in better get blogging you other slackers!

also, taking suggestions;)

> also, taking suggestions;)

I hear LinkBuildingBlog is quite good.

edit: also check out: and SEO Eggheard, a few of my recent fav's.

edit, magic word: NOW!!

andy, you didn't say the

andy, you didn't say the magic word!
(bribes work too)

just kidding;)

I'd drop a lil link love to

I'd drop a lil link love to a logical widget, but then I am biased

Elisabeth... first, I'd like

Elisabeth... first, I'd like to say I believe that you are / were pissed off about this, and because you think it's unworthy treatment of Danny

Secondly (tinfoil hats at the ready, folks) I find it... interesting to note that Incisive are up for sale. As I say there :

if you were selling yourself, and your most recent, and possibly crowning, acquisition was in the process of having about 90% of the value sucked out of it, wouldn’t you react?

I have neither the time, nor the skill to wade through the huge PDF available from the Incisive site, but if I'd spent $40m+ on a property, and a group of the employees I thought I was getting left and set up in direct competition to me, I have to say, I'd be miffed. Possibly even narked.

I'd really like to hear reaction from Incisive on this

(note to cynical bastards : I really would. I want to believe this is a simple case of a few links going astray. It really, really does happen)

Alls fair in love and ....

You know TallTroll in some ways you have everything as it should be....

... but you just don't have cynicism down to a fine art.

Personally I feel sorry for elisabetho as she seems to have been left holdig the baby.

It does appear that she has been left as captain of a sinking ship. (In her defence though it seems that the ship she is captain of has no defence against the consistent barrage of torpedos it is currently receiving.)

Please add

Please add to that list elisabetho or I will be forced to roll an SMX powered tank over that site.

Thank you!


It would seem Danny + SEL

It would seem Danny + SEL have been added to SEW blogroll now, so perhaps we could give abit of credit for that. Yeh, SEO community is catty as hell, but it is very rare in this industry for a rep to come to any community site and offer a concise response and timely resolution. That deserves some respect at the very least.

With or without Danny, SEW has been a decent resource for a lot of people for quite some time now - there are a load of other people there that make that the case and we shouldn't detract from that just because of a communication mix up / stupid management decision (whatever was the case here).


DailySearchCast Disappeared From the Left Side Menu 6 weeks back

The DailySearchCast used to be on the left side menu at SEW, right about where the newsletters are. A month or two back, while Danny was still there and doing it as a SEW guy, it just vanished from the menu. This latest exclusion may have been just a silly accident, but they've been delinking Danny for a while.


Danny took that off about when he announced that DailySearchCast was still his and would be moving entirely to its own site?

Give me a break

Surely you guys can come up with a better conspiracy theory than this? If I was told that Danny's new site is SEL, I would de-link daggle and add in SEL - probably what was in the process of happening as a result of a misunderstanding.

raycam: Gurtie is correct, this happened after Danny moved DSC to a different site which I don't think had a blog at the very start.

EGM, excellent point.

EGM, excellent point. However, graywolfs post is interesting data on this point. On the 10th, daggle and DSC were in. On the 12th, they were gone. Danny officially moved on the 11th, I believe

Now, if I was simply editing a blogroll to put some in, and take some out, I'd do it all at once... so I didn't forget to add the new entries for instance. It's more efficient that way, I'd have tought. Of course, if I was distracted by the Porcine Air Force display team practising outside my window, I might only do half a job too.

>> It would seem Danny + SEL have been added to SEW blogroll now, so perhaps we could give abit of credit for that.

Yup, well done Elisabeth

Please, Danny -

Please, Danny - Wordpress.

That would help improve the discussion at SEL.

Last time I had a Typekey ID (that never worked) the Privacy policy didn't seem to suggest Six Apart was really interested in protecting privacy, and didn't encourage signing up for a new one.

Worried about spam? Wordpress + Akhismet.


Typekey Sucks

I've given up trynig to comment there. Waiting on Typekey isn't something I feel inclined to do every time I want to comment. Not to mention that the signup process sucks.

Yep. I feel the same way

Yep. I feel the same way about Blogger ... no, Blogger is even worse; I've never been able to figure the darn thing out, or where things are. Guess they're not on the usability train yet.

Here's another vote for WordPress plus Akismet. The current version of WordPress (2.0.5) has a feature that blocks access via open and insecure proxies. And the Akismet plugin is the creation of WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg (and team, possibly) that runs comments through a database at; it learns as it goes. Since I installed it on Saturday, it's blocked virtually all of the 300+ spam comments that, apparently, didn't arrive through open and secure proxies — and it let legitimate comments through. It's like someone closed the door.

It takes a little work to get WordPress optimized, but it's well worth it. And there are dozens upon dozens of plugins to customize it however you wish.

No matter how much fun we

No matter how much fun we are having with this, Danny Sullivan and SMX are going to be the latest and greatest internet marketing buzz in the future.

I am feeling a little bad for SEW even though I do not know the whole story of exactly why Danny moved on. I know what has been written by Danny and others but that is surely not the entire picture.

Oh well, it is really none of our business, carry on...

All this doom and gloom

...about SEW reminds me of a quote..

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" - Mark Twain

Askimet on MovableType

There's an Askimet plug-in for MovableType that works just fine...

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