utube.com - that's forward thinking !


A few weeks back The Founder picked up on the utube story http://www.threadwatch.org/node/9780.

Just visit the site back out of curiosity and what did I see?: A complete new design and a top banner with a search and links to ring tones, poker, games etc..

Quite a bold move for a tube manufacturing company, but no surprising.


Who here

Who here got to them first??

Crappy Choice

Wow, they are using searchfeed. They could do SOOOOOOOO much better.


I love it...


I admit, i talked to them for 5 minutes right after the story first broke.

It went like this:

T: Hi, I'm trying to get to your website but it seems down.
Owner: Yessir, damn kids keep coming out of no where.
T: Well, I could help you out.
O: Like how?
T: Well, I could give you as many servers as you need to keep it fast and up in exchange for putting an unobtrusive advertisement on the top that's about an inch thick and goes across the screen.
O: Hmm, well, actually I'm trying to sell the site, so I don't know.
T: And have you had any offers?
O: Just a few but nothing serious.
T: How much?
O: We won't sell for less than 3 million.
T: Well, let me know if you're interested in my generous proposal.
O: OK.

3 million bucks for utube.com

LOL... Good job Hopeseekr :)

at least that shows exactly what they really want to do with it with a combo of the lawsuit and traffic to show that the site 'could generate revenue'

perhaps these people were far more savvy than they initally let on.

What about video

Myspace would surely have paid a fair bit to have a text link saying "Videos" pointing at their site. Maybe the most expensive link ever.

Alexa is 8,000 now, bust

Alexa is 8,000 now, busy site.

Welcome to web 2.0

Now we are seeing the power of the internet - the power to take ordinary, unknown businesses and have them sell out for revenue by entertaining the masses.

The business owner probably never even knew what ringtones were before someone sold him the advertising.

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