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The future of web technologies in the mobile revolution First of all, I want
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Pay attention at the back! If you aren't reading all you can on mobile, at some point in the next couple of years you're going to be seriously on the back foot with this stuff - Anita Wilhelm at MG says it's ok, that our skills will be in high demand, but bugger that, i dont want to do the W word for someone else, i want to build neat applications for phones...

If I were a web dev, I wouldn't worry too much about being out of work. In the next few years there is going to be so much going on to make all the different platforms talk, sync, and share data... (and who knows how that will happen)... that your skills will probably be in higher demand than ever. This revolution is not going to do away with web technologies. It's just going to change how they work. It's going to change what they are used for, and who is using them... meaning more work for you to do.

Revolution and change doesn't mean destruction of something old. It usually just means reshifting it, refurbishing, rebuilding... and making it more appropriate.

Im still trying to work out the essential skill set for mobile, any thoughts?


Havent done any mobile for a while

But dont the modern devices all do html and java? Surely what is new is the application of these old technologies, not new technologies.

Being a .net kinda guy an application is pretty much just an application, the interface can work web, desktop and mobile (wap or rich CE/smartphone).

I have yet to get excited about mobile. My Jornada is gathering dust, probably picked it up once in last x years. Got a smartphone when SPV came out .. bag of cack, back to a normal phone now.

Keep doing what you do

Just think of smaller. :-) Really, if you do PHP for server side then keep doing that development but keep in mind that a cell phone user interface is really only good for yes/no, on/off, and buy/sell type of input.

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