Most Digged Article on Digg is Digg for 2006


Digg story on Digg weighing in at 15,000 diggs

I thought it was pretty comical when their largest story is literally themselves.



The backlinks to those digg pages, though, are interesting to analyze. Although the top digg story has nearly 15,000 diggs, it only has 200+/- backlinks according to MSN. But, this sad story has nearly 2300+/- backlinks.

Many of the top digged articles have about 200-300+/- backlinks, while that one article has nearly 2300.

It's still being Digg'd

I've noticed as recently as yesterday through Digg Spy that it's still being Digg'd.

digged or dugg or diggs

Funny I always say "my article got dugg 500 times" or "my article got 50 diggs before making the homepage"

it's still being Digg'd

it's still being Digg'd

Most likely because people want to be associated with that number one post. Maybe they think their memberID or something will help them.

I bet the guy who submitted that digg has a lot of friends now ;)

You made me realize...

...that I say just about all three of those, graywolf. Depends on my mood, I guess.

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