Google Forced Account Upgrades: Useless Garbage


Why is it that Google needs to give you one master account, and then tells you that you can't have that master account associated with your own email because that is already an account?

How committed are you to your AdWords ad budget? How comfortable would you be with not being able to change your bids because of an account upgrade that doesn't work?

I can't adjust my ad spend while I can't access my account. Maybe instead of cold call spamming they could spend time making their system functional. Thanks for taking my money. Useless upgrade Google!



A little testy with the Mighty Oz - that is not going to get you access to behind the curtain... I am just trying to figure out which of your editors fill the other roles.... graywolf has to be Toto...

red high heels and pigtails?

I was *so* born to be Dorothy....

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