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Not sure how many TWers will be up for the offer, but Google offers domain registration for $10 a year:

The Mountain View-based company is offering its latest service in a partnership with and eNom. ... Google's service will charge a $10 annual fee and only handle addresses ending in four suffixes -- ".com," ".net," ".biz" and ".info."

Sites registered through Google will be configured to work with Gmail and some of Google's other tools. Owners of sites registered via Google may be classified as tools.


I don't get it

I thought Google was already a certified registrar. Why would they need or want to have GoDaddy or eNom involved with this? At a higher rate? This doesn't make sense at all.

It's cheaper to go though

It's cheaper to go though GoDaddy and Enom directly, so the move is odd - unless Google are trying to get a better handle on who owns domains??

Owners of sites registered

Owners of sites registered via Google may be classified as tools.

Is this serious, or are you taking the piss Aaron? Maybe it's an Australian thing, but tools has a special meaning here, and it isn't positive :-)

i read that as tool = male

i read that as tool = male member, too
rather than the tool = a device that provides a mechanical or mental advantage in accomplishing a task

but them I'm Australian too so it might just be us Duncan

How long

before the first rumours of quicker indexing and preferential treatment start? I guve it 10 inutes....

Google backtracking

When google became a registrar ~2 years ago they specifically said they had no intention of providing a commercial domain name registration service.

I guess they want to mave a financial piece of every single online transaction.

I wonder what special features Google can offer?

We all know GoDaddy are never happy selling you just a domain, so here's some extras they can offer when you purchase your shiny new .info from Google.

Avoid the sandbox: Add $2 per domain.
Register each domain on behalf of a different family member: Add $2 per domain.
$50 of AdWords account to promote your domain: Add $5 per domain.
Early trustbox approval: $TBA
Bot traffic booster: Free with each domain!
Hide multiple registrations from the prying eyes of Matt Cutts. Priceless...

Anyone else find the GoDaddy lady a bit strange?

Re: Tools - I think Aaron

Re: Tools - I think Aaron meant the same as the Aussie use of the term. :)

Google Domains Score 4 points Higher in PageRank

That's why they cost a dollar more than at GoDaddy! It's TOTALLY worth the extra money. I mean, ThreadWatch already has a PageRank of 7, but with a Google domain, they could be PageRank 11-- which up until now was completely unheard of!


... and if you believe all that, you deserve to be classified as a tool. Enjoy your overpriced domains, rubes.

Can you smell the next conspiracy theory?

I wonder how long we have to wait until we get the threads about people losing sites because they are registered through Netsol, Godaddy, etc (or gain trust by being registered via G). about "private registrations" at G that aren't private due to super secret backdoor spam check tools. :)

I'm tempted to put a few sites on there, just for diversification sake; better G than registerfly. ick.

Don't worry Matt, my guide to baby-eating site will be mostly WH.


Christmas comes early to

Christmas comes early to Monty and Moniker with this news.

Privacy is a joke when we're talking about Godaddy. All it takes is the threat of a trademark issue and GD sends an email to the domain owner telling them they will be releasing the registration info.

Will they now hold a domain hostage if accused of spamming a SE?

And should it go well

How long before the Godaddy acquisition is announced, too much cash in the bank and reach to need to start this sort of partnership

Is this just in teh US? I

Is this just in teh US? I can't imagine that, for example wouldn't allow one to purchase a

Actually, it is cheaper...

...a new domain + private registration at GoDaddy is (usually) more than $10 unless you buy during one of their many promotions.

For white hat webmasters doing white hat sites, this ain't bad.

Put it this way

I don't think they really care about the margins on Domain Registration... it costs the registars about 6-7 bucks per domain name.. they sell it at 8-10 bucks.

2 dollars per year per domain name is their gross profit... not counting the transaction fees.. support fees.. and infrastructure costs.

Google has been an ICANN registar for years now.. and the barriers to entry to become one are minimal.. IE: like a 10,000 dollar bond and a hosted machine hooked up somewhere online, 1 programmer and 1 guy to answer the phones

There you have it.. a super basic registar.

The reason for this is less intresting than a conspiricy theory... the reason for this is simple... you could buy a domain name at Yahoo... so Google should offer it.

period.. that is it.. it's not a money maker.. it's a 'they have it so should we have it'.

Implimetation took about 24 hours if that... and now they offer another service that Yahoo does, and because Godaddy is involved.. the bet is that GoDaddy paid for it.. so there was literally no sweat from Google... and now there is a quick and dirty solution to offer another service.

oh well

I just wait for my regular 6.99 domain specials with my registrar.

Better Description

The Googleblog indicates this is a service they're adding on to GoogleApps. At first glance, it just seems to be an attempt to add some convenience to a process that can baffle the new webmaster and not a new standalone service from Google.

Rainborick's got it

It was a convenience thing. Despite our docs, lots of mom 'n' pop sites understandably weren't excited changing DNS stuff and so on. The process is still being refined, but it's much more straightforward now.

Strange bedfellows...

I use and like Enom well enough. I just wonder why Google would want to partner with GoDaddy.

Can't wait to hear about the customer service nightmares to come from this....

hey pleeker, shut up or

hey pleeker, shut up or we'll peek at your GoDaddy privates.

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