Yahoo - We Don't Have Clickfraud, But We Will Reimburse you for Goodwill


While Google has it's head firmly in in the sand denying click fraud exists Yahoo is playing a semantics game refunding Pepperjam $10,000 for "Goodwill" not click fraud.

In response to your concerns about the click activity your account has received, we have issued a goodwill credit to your Yahoo! Search Marketing account balance in the amount of $X,XXX.XX for clicks that were billed to your account during the period of November 19, 2006, to November 27, 2006.

Please note that we have issued this credit as a measure of goodwill and appreciation for your business. Please allow up to five business days for the adjustment to appear in your account. Once adjusted be sure to review your billing history in the Reports section of the Manage My Accounts Page under Billing Transaction Detail to confirm your adjustment.

I'm not sure if this is some legal thing saying it's goodwill and not click fraud, keeping them out of hot water in case someone files a class action suit down the road.

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More like "Click Anomaly Investigation"

I read the reference editorial and did not spy any evidence of click fruad. What I seen was a "Click Anomaly". I share Pepperjam's concerns and believe they responded properly.

Yahoo is much more conservative than google when allowing publishers into thier network. As a publisher of YPN ads, I can say that the ads tend not to be targeted very well. On days when the ads are on target, I see great increases in clicks. Also, any time Yahoo does an update I see changes in CTR's as well. $10,000?, drop in the bucket compared to employee cost. I'm sure Yahoo could easily spend much more investigating and proving.

Prehaps Pepperjam should share some real evidence.


I think I've had about 10 of those in the last few months. I see something ridiculous in the stats, send in the data, and get my "goodwill reimbursement". I really wish they'd allow you to turn off their "search partners" and stick strictly to Yahoo!. Their search partners have gotten real bad with click fraud in the last year. Just take a look at your logs, you'll love finding sites with names like sending you more traffic than Yahoo!.

Yahoo is much more

Yahoo is much more conservative than google when allowing publishers into thier network.

Into their content network, not search. Search partners are free to sell their feed to anyone they want, and Yahoo! doesn't seem to care who they are.

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