New Look Ask -


Ask are playing with a new layout, best accessed, I think, here

Thanks for stumbling upon Ask X, our double-secret sandbox for testing Ask experiences of the future.

Is this old and I've missed it? Quite likely. Anyway, off to have a play.



Will ask die already.

I mean like the search engine is a nice cover but the smiley kings are never ever ever going to compete

they so don't get it

We wanted less crap on the screen not more...

It Is New Then

Seriously, will ask die already.

Like, seriously like? Why?

Well I quite liked it. Even with 3 panes (most of time I was only seeing 2) it seemed clean and tight. Results may be something else, but this is a UI test, not an algo one.

Doesn't even work on IE 7

I tried running a query, and it immediately gave me an error message: "Ask X needs you to change your browser settings!"

Looks like there's a ton of work that needs to be done...

Reminds me of ick

Reminds me of ick

Ask Jeeves about where to find some spyware


I believe Jeremy is referring to where Ask receives the majority of their income from; in the future that may change if they get around to actually using data crawled in their listings thus brining in more G partner revenue, but I sort of doubt it. The "interface" as it were is looking cleaner, but it is just the front end bodega to keep suspicion off of the backroom operations.


They block Opera. Thumbs down.

>>less Less is more. I've


Less is more. I've been observing a non-techie friend use a computer and too much clutter on-screen only confuses him. This Ask X might be good as an option for those that consider themselves power users but the default should be a clean interface.

UA screening too tight

Ask, if you are reading this, loosen up your user agent screening. I tried a search in Firefox 1.0.x and got the "upgrade your browser" blah blah, but if I switched the UA so that it looks like IE6 everything rendered fine.


You must use one of the supported browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Firefox 1.5 or higher
  • Safari 2.0 or higher
  • Netscape 7.0 or higher
  • Camino 1.0 or higher

No Opera support. Opera is the *only* browser that works for me in Linux :-/


No UNIX support either, apparently.

WTF is that crap?

And you also have to set

And you also have to set your res to at least 1024 x 768.

I don't like wearing my glasses during the 12 or so hours I spend each day in front of this infernal machine so I guess it's no soup for me.


you still use 800x600!??!

It's 1280x1024 *minimum* for me (1360x768 on my 32" at home).


Control +

Make them fonts bigger Jim.

>>Make them fonts bigger

>>Make them fonts bigger Jim

Yeah, use that often, even at 800 x 600 when my eyes get real tired. Just seems that I visit a lot of sites that spec'd font size in points. And then there's the problem with the contrast on the old CRT that's on its way out.


Who's Ask?

Jim: solution

Hey man,

Go out and get a Westinghouse LTV-32w8 for ~$800 . Has HDMI and RGB so you can use it w/ high-end and low-end graphics cards. Stick that beast at 1360x768 and get the equiv of two 21" side by side. I've *never* had to hit CTRL-+ since :-)

32? pffft!!

sharp aquos 42 for $1800 and 45 for $2300. (i'm running the 42)

no need to get arsey, rc :)

no need to get arsey, rc :)


jim can afford the 65 even at full retail (but, hey, look, FREE shipping).

Penis Envy

I find 19" enough, assuming you can handle it...

... 1280x1024 that is...

Otherwise, I'd have to switch to a flat screen and my cat wouldn't have a place to sleep and warm his paws over the vents.

the water's cold

and deep, too, Bill.

The taxman doesn't help me with my eyeglass purchases but the monitor is a legit business expense. Besides, women go crazy for a man with a 42.


Sorry, the only men with a 42 I know are waistlines and the chubby chasers are far and few between, unless you have deep pockets and serious bling as gold diggers don't seem to care if you're old, ugly, fat or on life support.

Holy Moly

AskX looks like a poor man's SearchMash - and that's saying something...

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