And then there were two - Viacom backs out


Earlier this month The Founder reported on Fox, NBC & Viacom discussing plans to create a video site to compete with YouTube. Well it looks like Viacom has already thought better of it and they are out:

"Yes, we're out of it," one executive confirmed. "We've got a lot of agendas right now. There was no need to do it and be a founding member. We can license our stuff to it. We don't have to be a participant."

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Thank you for finding this skore :)

I knew this would happen virtually all of them will drop out..

As I noted prior, you can't get a bunch of dinosaurs like that together and expect them to understand exactly what they are doing.

At the end, I predict not even a domain name would be registered because the fools running those firms don't have even the most minor clue on how to get a website popular or even understand the concept of how the current Internet runs.

Let's put it this way.. none of those firms built a popular site right? Like Fox bought Myspace.. but they didn't built it.. they bought it... and paid dearly for it because Myspace should of been built by them in the first place if they understood the dynamics of the internet.

So my point is, if you take 10 idiots and put them together in the room, you don't come out with a genius, you come out with 10 idiots arguing and doing less than even one idiot by himself.

too quick

They didn't say they disagreed with the concept, they said they didn't want to build it. They would consider licensing to it. Which I suppose means they would also consider licensing to any other provider that gave them the guarantees they need.

Pointman - trust me they don't have a concept

Trust me Pointman, they don't have a concept to agree or disagree with.

They already noted that they can't build it, and don't have a clue how to. They also went on to say that they would 'license their content' to someone that does.

That's French for "we have no clue what we are doing, someone save us."

They also pretty much went on to say that "We built a bunch of crappy movies at the cost of billions overall, and we are getting killed by 15 year olds with digital 74 dollar Walmart videocameras on youtube"

Remember these people are not used to people watching videos on the computer, so this is more than Alien to them, up until recently they had a monopoly on distribution for video content.

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