Yet More Yahoo! Yo-yoing


Even more scene-shifting occuring at Yahoo! - Taps Yahoo's Gaylord as Marketing VP

NY will name Murray Gaylord vice-president of marketing by Jan. 8. He has spent the last six years as vice-president of brand marketing at Yahoo.

This departure is mentioned in a CNET think-piece focusing on Susan "We would be very happy to maintain our market share" Decker, entitled 'A force for change at Yahoo'.

As the year comes to a close, it's looking more and more like Decker may have the last word on what's right for Yahoo as she takes on a lead operational role in the suddenly wobbly Net company's future.

While no one inside Yahoo will come out and say it, the recent management shuffle has given Decker the opportunity to prove she has the management chops to take over for CEO Terry Semel, who some believe will give up his post within the next year. Yahoo declined comment for this article.