Found this on Digg - No Up Time Webhost - Happy Bollocks Friday!

5 comments The best Webhosting firm out there! LOL yea right!

Our Linux Free BSD systems are at the forefront of modern technology. By merging several distributions of Linux into one, we were able to create an operating system so complicated we don't even know how to use it ourselves.



I think

I think I used to use them for one of my sites but they must have rebranded....

I think I used them for a hosting provider

I think I used them as a hosting provider.. :)

Funny Shit

I think the support form was my favorite part, try it:

More Friday Fun

Great Link Bait Strategy

How long do you think they will wait to 301 this domain to an active web hosting company?

Sure, the "Worst" part of the page reputation will be an issue, but I wouldn't be surprised to see top 10 SERP for "web hosting" for this site fairly soon.

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