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Hyperlinking the World
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There's a facinating interview with Hartmut Neven, the head of the Laboratory for Human-Machine Interfaces at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute who is working on a system involving bringing biometrics to the mobile landscape and hyperlinking the world. The interview, threadlinked above is a killer friday (er.. my wife tells me it's only thursday!) read, here's a few snippets:

On explaining "visual Google":

You take a picture of something, send it to our servers, and we either provide you with more information or link you to the place that will. Let's say you're standing in front of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. You take a snapshot with your cameraphone and instantly receive an audio-visual narrative about the painting. Then you step out of the Louvre and see a cafe. Should you go in? Take a shot from the other side of the street and a restaurant guide will appear on your phone. You sit down inside, but perhaps your French is a little rusty. You take a picture of the menu and a dictionary comes up to translate. There is a huge variety of people in these kinds of situations, from stamp collectors, to people who want to check their skin melanoma, to police officers who need to identify the person in front of them.

and on seeding such a database project:

The key is to start with well-defined segments where the cost and effort of building the database is not that large. A nice rollout example would be a movie guide. If you see a billboard of a movie on a bus, you take a shot of it and then are routed to a relevant site where you can download a trailer or get show times. All we would need are images of a couple hundred billboards. The same is true with the Louvre example, where a collection of images already exists. With our technology, it doesn't take an expert to train the system to recognize an object.

The first version of the database service is due to launch in a year. Good stuff from TheFeature!

Threadwatch member vangorilla recently wrote about the real world hyperlink in This is how M$ can Beat Google and his vision is quite different and a damn good read also..