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Yahoo giving a little smackdown to Google who recently stopped supporting API's by reminding people of all the offerings they have Yahoo! Search blog: Power Your Search Apps with Yahoo! Search APIs

There's been some discussion of late on search APIs. For those of you who might be looking for a Search API provider, may we offer you our complete set of Yahoo! Search Web Services for your programming pleasure?

With Yahoo! Search Web Services you can write programs using data from Local Search, News Search, Video Search and Web Search, among others. Our search APIs offer generous rate limits and are based on the REST specification. REST is relatively easy to get up to speed on and to use, no SOAP programming required.


yahoo solidifying their position

as the webmaster-friendly engine.

yahoo, you had me at "accurate link data".

meanwhile, google continues to gun for the alan greenspan obfuscation award:

'If ever you think you understand me, you will be mistaken, because I plan to obfuscate.'


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