Earthquake takes out much of Asia's Internet


Internet and phone services have been disrupted across much of Asia after an earthquake damaged undersea cables, leaving one of the world's most tech-savvy regions in a virtual blackout.
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The story suggests that the earthquake has interfered with Internet connections here in Australia but I'm not seeing any delays at the moment and there's nothing about it in the Australian online papers that I've read this morning.


That would explain why the flood of Asian spam I get suddenly went away.

So, is this supposed to be a bad thing?

Yes it is supposed to be a

bad thing when you are trying to run a business, are not sending Spam and more importantly some people have died. On the brightside glad to hear your inbox is cleaner

World of Warcraft gold sales are affected

Most of the big World of Warcraft gold sellers are based out of the area affected by the earthquake. They are all reporting huge delays in delivering gold, and it's causing delays in the whole industry.


Upside Is Inbox Still Clean

I'm thinking I should just drop Asia in my firewall again as it's very quiet and I'm dreading the flood of spam backlog.

Just sort your systems out if you

are so overloaded with Asian Spam, its hardly as if all spam comes from Asia

US, Russia and Asia Region are the top three. What do you do with all your US spam? If tomorrow there was an underground earthquake in the American regions which affected all the internet across all South American countries, both the USA and Canada if it happenned as people were commenerating the death of over 230K people from an underground earthquake exactly two years previous that triggered an unheard of wave, could you imagine the reaction someone else would have got if they said, "at least that will stop the wave of US
spam for a few days" there is more to life outside the US.

Spam is a pain but not that hard to fix your systems to be bareable or borderline non noticeable, happy holidays

Sort my systems out?

More like sort Asia out and it won't be a problem.

Did I say I was being overrun?

No, just a LOT of Asian spam which has suddenly vanished, like 90% of the daily spam is gone.


I think not!

Quite eye opening and a clear indicator that a back to basics and block Asia approach which I used to do would certainly put an end the rest of the crap that wasted my bandwidth daily.

Time to re-install the Great Firewall of China again.

Buh bye...

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