Filangy - Another New Engine that Sounds like a Venereal Disease

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Filangy: PersonalWeb Search Engine
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Remember kids, always use a condom, if you don't, you might catch Clusty or Filangy!

What goes through these peoples minds?

from the Battelle's site threadlinked above:

a Nutch-based personal search engine that watches where you go and creates your own web index of sites you've seen (and incorporates general web search as well). It's still in early beta, you have to sign up to use it.



Sounds like a rip off of the name used in Friends by Phoebe; Regina Filangy :)

Eeewww...'s that for a name sounding like a bad case of VD???

BTW the "filangy" was also the part of Rachel's plane to Paris that was allegedly broken - in one of the last Friends episodes.

Ummm, have we moved off-topic?

So, has anyone signed up to try the new VD - I mean SE?

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