Froogle Security Hole Gives out Gmail Account Details

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Serious flaw in Froogle reveals Gmail accounts
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By embedding JavaScript in a URL pointing to Froogle, a hacker can gain access to the user’s Gmail account. The JavaScript redirects the browser to a malicious web site, where the hacker can read the user’s cookie, which contains personal information, such as purchase history, user name and password for Google services.

Maybe a wave of Google exploits to come out of the wood work.


Popularity attract hackers

it is the way of things. The bigger the target you presnet the more likely you will be the target.

Google is now a big target :)

Information attracts hackers

Lots of info google indexes. There's already a popular google hacking archive (not designed so much to literally hack google but to use googles index to find vulnerabilities in others' websites).

That bot goes places it shouldn't sometimes...

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