Wikipedia bans Qatar from editing content


I woke up this afternoon, one of the best nights ever!, to find some disturbing news apparently Wikipedia is done with the people of Qatar spamming it’s index. This is massive as Wikipedia has never blocked an entire country from editing it’s content before. From the wikipedia page:

…due to the technical workings of an automated censor imposed by the sole national high speed ISP, this IP represents the entirety of the country of Qatar, which means effectively that the entire country has been blocked from editing anything…


I can't imagine its a permintent thing

Well... if 1 country was hammering the shit out of my stuff more then any other I might drop there route as a bandage until I could figure out something better.

Seems reasonable

Maybe Qatar's monopoly ISP should stop hiding the IP addresses of it's users so webmasters can protect themselves from spammers. What the story fails to mention is that the block only applies to anonymous IP users. Qatari's who login may still edit Wikipedia.

Jimbo Wales Just replied saying it's not true.

Jimbo Wales just commented on that blog post saying it's not true, if it's truly the real Jimbo Wales then I guess it's not.

Thank You


if it's truly the real Jimbo Wales

LOL - "truly the real" - he's not the messiah you know!

Oh that Jimbo ... what a crazy cat

It Works

I have been banning entire countries and ip ranges for years. Most of Africa and many parts of asia.

Business is better than ever...

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