Yahoo Buzz Report & Quality Control

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Yahoo Buzz Report & Quality Control
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While the Yahoo Buzz Report isn't my top source for "what's hot" it's interesting enough to be in my RSS feeds. In this weeks article the subject is how "prom" related searches are on the rise. Some of the results I found not lacking were

IMHO those results are pretty crappy. Seems to be filled with adsesnse-centric sites, ebay, and a couple crappy directories. If it's a case of the news guys having the intestinal fortitude to show that stuff, in effort to get it fixed it's one thing. However if nobody actually clicks and takes a look, well that's a whole different ballgame.


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That's the first time I heard of the Yahoo Buzz log. That's great for me as I enjoy jumping into emerging trends as it usually means the playing field is initially pretty even.

Lotta searches on that prom stuff, there's bound to be eBay and Adsense...

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