ZDNET : AOL's Search to outpace MSN - and AOL doesn't even have a search


AOL could sneak up on Microsoft's share, and AOL doesn't have a search - This is perhaps the largest failure ever on Microsoft's part.

With vast sums of money, Microsoft drops to AOL's level, a company that uses Google as their provider and does not even offer their own Search Services.


MSN search changed to Live search

The decline started when MSN search changed the name to live search.

Thank you

It makes sense

Google is so much better at search than MSN and is a far more trusted brand. Its no surprise that people search more using AOL.

AOL home users

I am not sure that many AOL users are aware that Google provide AOL with the results.

AOL home users

I am not sure that many AOL users are aware of much at all.

I am not sure that many AOL users are aware of much at all.

Where does that leave MSN users? LOL!

In short they must be working on traffic levels that are literally on par with ASK, Dogpile and Altavista, and for kicks I will throw out hotbot.com in the mix ...

Hm...but AOL doesn't have

Hm...but AOL doesn't have Vista, Office, Xbox, Zune, etc. Simply put, MS doesn't need to be serious in search - not yet.

Zune = MSN

In terms of how well it's marketed and successful, Zune is on par with MSN ..

Don't you guys see a trend?

xbox is the real deal

xbox is the real deal though. IMHO MSFT could leverage that for quite a bit if they play it right.

Maybe Zune isn't the best

Maybe Zune isn't the best example of a successful product. :)

But more the point how widely spread MS is across different markets.

Even if they wanted to be serious about search now, they probably couldn't give anything more than superficial attention to it - not for a couple of years, perhaps. By then Vista uptake should be moving to majority figures and integration with Live may just start paying off.



I'm not a big fan of Apple or MS but you've got to love this pic from Costco:

In the interests of disclosure, I -=do=- own a Zune. The black one. It's a cool gadget. But it def. has some non-customer friendly issues that they borrowed from other players in the market like proprietary USB plug/charger. Non-replaceable battery...urg. Proprietary Zune software, killed off/don't support their "plays for sure" tech, etc. Which is good from a retailer stand point but not from a customer stand point.

But I think they're trying. They still have MSN up and if you are a Hotmail user, you know about MSN. They have Live.com and other engines up but it looks like a Google clone.

MSN has to overcome the general hate/dislike that people have for M before MSN/live/etc. really takes off. That might be tough to impossible. It might be an interesting experiment for MSN to simply launch a new search engine with a sub-company / join venture, etc. That is -not- live.com and not directly MSN so that they don't have to plant the M logo/copyright/privacy/etc. info all of the place.

I remember seeing an article where they took Yahoo and Google results and tested average joes/janes by switching the logos/mastheads/etc. and people thought that Google results with the Yahoo name had less quality/authority. Was that rustybrick that did that test?

AOL does offer its own

AOL does offer its own search. Their proprietary search technology however lies in multimedia search; video, audio and image. As for web search, yep, powered by Google :)

Hm. If so, I'm wondering who

Hm. If so, I'm wondering who was tested? (Who was the testing audience?)

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