Is Anti-Social Media?


In today's NY Post there is an interesting article suggesting and strongly hinting that executives are behind

Internet retailer's war against its critics is taking an ugly new twist, as a Web site aided and supported by its management is leveling sharp charges against two Internet message board posters.
The site,, launched bitter attacks last week on the message board critics, accusing them of participating to various degrees in a conspiracy to malign the anti-naked short selling movement that supports.

One of the main targets of the website was Gary Weiss who basically unconvered overstock being behind it:

This corporate smear campaign is a kind of clumsy, low-rent version of General Motor's effort to harass, stalk and discredit Ralph Nader in the sixties.

Anonymously harassing people over the Internet is a federal crime -- even when, as in this instance, the anonymous stalkers are cowering behind a sheet of cellophane.

GM wounding up eating crow, apologizing to Nader and paying damages. Given the miserable state of Overstock's business, as reflected in its share price, I doubt that there will be much left of Overstock when the smoke clears -- except the stench.

With reputation management issues we often talk about controlling the conversation. Overstock has done a nice job at keeping their SERPs clean ( and overstock) but creating an "anonoymous" website like ASM was a ticking time bomb waiting to be discovered (like Sony and Wal-Mart recently).


Overstock's CEO

Overstock's CEO has battled the naked short trading crooks for a couple of years now. The SEC enacted strict rules against the practice in 2005 but enforcement is not widespread. There are very powerful forces at work shorting Overstock and those people are determined to take Overstock shares to zero. It's a life and death battle for the company.
If I held Overstock shares I would be in favor of the CEO and his people using overt and covert (guerrilla) tactics to expose the traders and their supporters. I would also hope they could cover their tracks better.

Good points MikeMor

It's not like the NY Post to only give one side of the story ;) LMAO

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