Craigslist - Devouring Classified Ad Revenue One City at a Time

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Craigslist Circles the Globe With Online Classifieds, One City at a Time
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Craigslist, of which eBay bought a 25% stake in last year is in the middle of some major expansion - it's already estimated to be costing the Bay Area newspapers $65M a year in lost revenue and looks to be making a bid for world domination. Go Craig! heh..

Craigslist was started 10 years ago by Craig Newmark, an Internet pioneer in San Francisco, as a way of keeping friends up to date on events in the Bay Area. It spread through the United States before going international in 2003, with sites in London and Toronto. The expansion accelerated in late 2004 with a flurry of sites, including ones for Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney. About a dozen other international start-ups are planned in the next few months.


Though the international Craigslist sites are available only in English for now, the formula seems to be catching on, if more modestly than in the United States. The London site attracts more than 150,000 unique visitors each month, Mr. Buckmaster said. The Paris site, begun in November, already draws 50,000 unique visitors monthly. Other recently added sites, including Amsterdam, Dublin, São Paulo, Brazil, and Bangalore, India, have drawn slightly less traffic.

This would be closely tied in the the discussion on how newspapers can survive online...


Excellent Referral Network

Craigslist has been an excellent referral network for many of my local clients.

Looks great

Shame they are not in any cities I care about :O(

Could really do with a craigslist to help my move to Winnipeg..

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