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Techcrunch seems to be the first to notice Google has pulled their "tips" from the top of the SERP's after the Blake Ross brouhaha last week. Google “Tips” Pulled?

There’s been no official announcement on this by Google, so the removal could be temporary. My guess is they are gone for a while, though, based on the overwhelmingly negative feedback from bloggers.


In some ways this is good but...

In some ways this is good. I did a search the other day to see if one of my blog posts was indexed yet and it was :) but there was a Google one box with something like "need to express your self, try Blogger"...

Really not appropriate.

But as one of the posters at techcrunch points out don't other search engines already do this? Well yes, yes they do.

I imagine it's a boon to the sites listed in an Ask's version of the one box but they aren't really promoting Ask in this one box example so it is likely viewed as less "evil" or self serving.

Yet some searches do go directly to an Ask/IAC company:
"Start: Your Own Blog" points to

While I'm not a complete Google fan, is this a double standard or?

>overwhelmingly negative

>overwhelmingly negative feedback

Heh, that's techcrunch-speak for "got their ass kicked up between their shoulderblades."


...more like.


I'd love to look at this graph in 3 months and see hat happens

Blake Ross was the first to

Blake Ross was the first to notice. He and I were talking about it here:

I also updated my original post about this last night:

Hi Matt

care to comment about why it was bait when I thought the same thing was a big deal about 4 months ago?

An overly broad automated self-promotional ruleset is no different than a hand tweak, as both are rules set by humans, which are quickly changed by proved by recent events.

It's only fair...

Seobook, you are just way ahead of your time. I'd guess it's the messenger more than the message that gets the attention. Brings up old-world thoughts of "separate but equal" and "some are more equal than others". I could have the cure for cancer but unless Jeremy Zawodny blogs about it, it's not going to get any play in this (not of course) medium.

OK, the G just went up a

OK, the G just went up a couple points in my book (assuming these changes stick). Points for Blake and Matt as well.

While I believe you were honestly just speculating out loud (and rightly so), the title "Google Hand Tweaking Istockphoto Search Results?" was a tad sensational. I could see how a Googler, in more of a defensive mood than usual, could see it as "bait" --- i.e. as a challenge to defend against the assertion that Google was hand tweaking queries involving individual businesses for competitive purposes. While the impact of doing this is less than targeting whole ranges of keywords (which is what Google was actually doing), targetting an individual business in this way just seems like a much for flagrant abuse of power.

Aaron, I was responding to

Aaron, I was responding to your headline ("Google Hand Tweaking Istockphoto Search Results?") because I knew that headline wasn't true and as a result, I considered it bait-y.

If you do the query [istockphoto] now, you'll notice that's not showing a tip anymore either, so they undid not only the recent substring matching, but also the substring matching for "photo" that you pointed out in that thread.

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