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Yahoo Portal on Verizon customers PCs
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Yahoo and Verizon Communications on Monday announced a multi-year agreement to package the Web portal into the nation's largest phone company's broadband Internet services

The deal represents a competitive win for Yahoo because it essentially bumps Microsoft's MSN as the default Web portal for new Verizon customers. Yahoo will package its Web portal and online services into Verizon's DSL and its upcoming fiber-to-the-home offering called Fios.

The tie-in with Verizon mirrors Yahoo's current agreement with SBC Communications, which was recently renewed by the two companies. Like the SBC deal, Yahoo will receive a cut of revenue for every new Verizon DSL or Fios subscriber, as well as any current subscriber using the MSN service who switches to Yahoo


Press Release and Financials

Nice catch Jason, here's the financials and more details:

The service will include Yahoo!'s leading tools and services including: a powerful customized browsing environment; a personalized homepage with access to more than 150,000 content sources from across the web; award-winning e-mail with industry-leading Spam protection and 2 gigabytes of storage and continued access to Verizon Online e-mail accounts; a full suite of safety and security tools including award-winning parental controls; a suite of digital photos tools including unlimited storage, and access to high resolution downloads; a premium level customizable radio station; access to the Web's largest catalogue of music videos, streaming at higher bit rates; premium broadband content; and much more.

Interesting deal eh?

And in other news...

Piper Jaffray bullish on Yahoo for 2005

Yahoo! will benefit from a robust paid search advertising market and increased demand for online branding campaigns, predicted financial research firm Piper Jaffray & Co. on Friday. Based on the strength of Internet advertising at the end of last year, Piper Jaffray raised its target price for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Web portal company, from $38 a share to $45 a share.

"Yahoo! gained share in Q4 and is likely to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the impressive growth in search," stated the report, by senior research analysts Safa Rashtchy and Aaron M. Kessler. "Our brand advertising checks also point to continued sold-out inventories . . . increased prices, and demand by advertisers for more inventory even at higher prices."

Looks like it'll be an interesting year for them. All i'd like to see from them now is an adsense like program..

You know what I'd like to see..

.. is a contextual advertising programme that doesn't need a word to seed it.

The only one that works that way so far is Adsense.

Now if you're asking will Overture offer a baby OV Feed programme to the masses, I don't think they will. Their partners will kick up a stink as they, the search aggregators are the ones that deliver the OV ads to the masses and the commercial feel at OV is that their feed is protected solely for the big boys.

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