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Threadwatch member Earle Flynn has some thought inspiring commentary on the possible future of apps for mobile:

Another issue is that web developers have not yet conceptualized this new 2 inch mobile Internet. Previously web developers had 17 inches of screen. Any web dev tricks they knew before are now gone. To get web developers thinking of this new small interface I propose a Mobile Web Development KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Mobile KISS would be to think of mobile Internet applications in terms of yes and no, on and off, up and down, left and right, buy and sell, add funds and withdraw funds, and send and receive.

There's a lot in the post so do follow the threadlink above - He also talks about the mobile being keyboardless and the agony of text input on a mobile phone - Im sure this can be overcome and disagree to a small extent with Earle's assumption that yes/no questions and similar on/off switches are the best way to go - well, okay: They are for now.. but im sure we will see usable interfaces for mobile based on standard keyboards before too long.

One idea that struck me was to have a fold away, thin keypad that could just be flipped out of the phone and laid on a flat surface - does that sound stupid? :)

Earle talks about the phone as a destination, and Russell B mentions that here:

Mobile phones still need that killer app which takes out the need for context. They need to get to the point where they are less devices that you use while out and about, and considered more destinations in their own right. In other words, the current crop of apps are mostly created with that "mobile context" in mind. So you could say I haven't looked at my phone lately because I haven't been moving much. This is wrong. It's limiting a platform which can potentially do anything that a small computer with broadband access can do. The person who comes up with the app that compels a person to use their phone without considering the fact that it's a phone is going to have a killer app on their hand. One could argue the opposite, that mobile phone apps *should* only be used in the mobile context, but I think that's too narrow minded.

Mobile is still so young, with hadware radically changing almost daily that it's hard to predict what the next couple of years will hold for it but i think anyone interested in where it might go would do well to check over the above posts from Earle and Russel.

Discussion on where we think this is all headed and what to be looking at building would be most welcome...


Mobile KISS

I agree that any company that comes up with a platform that makes the mobile easy to use will be lucrative. Think of the gradual shift advertisers have endured.. from the huge billboard to the 50" tv, to the 21" monitor now 4 square inches.
As the size decreases, the way to advertise will have to get better and more personal. Less interrupted, spam and more permission. Opt-in will be a very treasured term soon.

As far as keyboards on mobiles go. The camera is slowly becoming your mobile "mouse". More identifiers will be physical world hyperlinks. Click on the code and go to the targeted site. There will have be incentives for you to click though. The next step is wave/wand your phone over a reader RFID/NFC. They are already using this tech with credit cards at fast food chains. It wont be long before the tech is in your mobile.
Combine the click with the wand feature and these will eliminate a lot of the annoying text typing on your lil phone.

Now find cos that include these features in their advertising, add the location based services (GPS) and now advertising truly becomes personalized.

Its coming, but service providers need to wake up and realize this will be the way to increase ARPU.

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