Should Yahoo! buy Six Apart?

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Yahoo to acquire Six Apart?
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There's been some very compelling arguments posted as to why Yahoo! should (or will) buy Six Apart, the company behind hosted blogging solution TypePad and blog software MovableType - and now LiveJournal which was recently aquired by Six Apart taking it's user base to an estimated 6.5M users. thanks rss blog

This is why it's so remarkable that Yahoo! has no blogging platform. Yahoo! owns Overture, the main competitor to Google's keyword ad business. Ad inventory is in short supply, Web content is the greatest source of untapped inventory, and blogs are the fastest growing area of Web content. Google owns Blogger, Microsoft quietly announced recently that its blogging platform, MSN Spaces, just passed the 1.5 million user mark, and Yahoo! has... nothing.

But here's the truth: the user-dependent, sticky, time-consuming application that these companies are driving towards isn't one of these, it's all of them together: an integrated suite of Web-based personal tools. It will encompass Web email, instant messaging, an address book, a page of RSS-driven content like My Yahoo!, a set of online bookmarks like, perhaps online management of music or other content, and... a blog for photo sharing and one-to-many communication.

I was about to do another quote but i think that's enough for fair use :-) do check it out it's a cracker of a read and makes a lot of sense.

I dont know whether Yahoo would necessarily buy a company like Six but i cant see any good reason why they shouldn't be involved in blogging given all their other user-sticky activities and i can certainly think of (with a little help from the post linked above) a whole bunch of reasons why they should...



Yes, and so ...

Aside from making Yahoo more sticky yet (have you seen all the services they already provide lately?), adding blogging services gives Y! an arena in which other people will create content for which Yahoo can supply the ads, or for which Y! can simply charge monthly fees.

Pretty interesting; on the other hand, I'm very happy that I use blogging software that I put on my own server. No ads, unless I put them there.


Not gona happen, they are in absolutly no need of money at all, Joi Ito and Pierre Omidyar is backing them up. Their fortune alone is almost near Yahoo's complete market cap.

Pierre of ebay fame?

Perhaps ebay could buy them ;O)

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