Introduce Yourself Part 7


Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 6 of these threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) already, and have somehow even managed to lose the first one (I think it was around moving the site to a new sever when the database crashed).

Tell us what you do, drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promo :)

If you have any questions, just use the 'privmsg' link above. You can usually get a reply from me within a few hours most days.

Thanks and enjoy!



i'm a texas-based web developer learning more about seo and making contacts.

(The welcome email still points to Part 6 btw)

Hullo All

I have been working in SMO for the past year and have recently decided to register and post at all my favourite places! I am based in South East England, working for a web design/development company so I am really interested in all aspects of web marketing and hopefully I will be able to contribute good things (and if you're out drinking with me, naughty shooters!)


Me: 2 years of seo and paid search - little bit o'blogging but not much - in Canada - urm... happy to be aboard :-)

Nice place you've got here

I'm a Programmer/SEO for a great web development company. I handle up to 30 SEO accounts at a time. Some successful, some not. After months of SEO, my actions are finally becoming effective, and better still, I'm beginning to understand why.

My goals are to handle far fewer accounts - only those clients that are serious about making money on the web, and to get success with 1/10th the effort. It appears that success comes not from knowing what to do, but from knowing what not to waste time on.

Participating in forums like this is probably something that I should waste more time on.


nice site, thougt i'd join and check it out!


I am in Texas and work in the education sector for a private career college. I started at this company as a teacher teaching Web Development, Wireless Routing, Active Directory, Server 2003, and SQL 2000 maintenance plans, and Database development for ASP.NET applications using VB.

I worked in the field for many years and wanted to teach for a while. However, I am currently working in the marketing department performing SEO/SEM campaigns over the Internet as I have a degree in Internet Marketing. That does not mean that I know anything at all, it just means that I know enough to get into trouble - or get started.

I am hoping to learn something from this forum as well as share. I did however, get a little nervous reading through the drama from the girl that wrote about how she fired multiple SEM consultants for spamming.

I do hope that we are allowed to "share" our experiences, findings, and opinions without fear of reprisal. How else will we learn or enlighten? I was hoping to hear more about "how" a SEM can spam a search engine. What a great topic!

With that said, I will watch for a while - if that is ok by all of you.

greetings finaly

OK I never have time to join more and more forums, but have been lurking too long not to join this community. I am Chris Boggs, and I'm an addict. hehe. Anyway I can be found usually posting to SERoundtable or the SEW forums or Blogs. Many of you have seen me around, so I wont bore you with any more details. I also have a personal blog that I almost never post to, but am going to switch it to my other URL sometime sooner than later. In the menatime join my non-smoking contest at

Cheers and I look forward to learning more in here!


Now that YouTube is officially a terrorist...

Hello all

I joined up because I was so damn angry at the YouTube is a terrorist story.

I've been a lurker for many a moon. I've been into SEO for a number of years and earn my living from the trade here in Dublin, Ireland.

Anyhow, now that I'm here I might actually post once in a blue moon.



High,I'm new to this whole gig. I am currently attempting to develop several web sites. I find the work to be very demanding and time consuming, as I am learning as I go.However, it has been a lot of fun and hopefully in time rewarding.I live in Northern California.


I am in Texas, working for a great website development company. Just starting to learn about search engine marketing and I hope to learn more here.


ok.. introduction..

i've been doing SEO/web stuff since march of 1995... i've been a paid editor for yahoo! (i was one of the first spammer detectors after the webcrawler incident in 96), was an editor for DMOZ in the beginning... I ran an ISP/web development firm of 38 employees for about 8 years, started my own interactive advertising agency then got hired by a bigger more stable agency that had been in business for 20 years whch gave me the opprtunity to work for many fortune 100 companies. I own US copyright to a Meta Tag, have written articles for Wired, the wall street journal, among many others... i am the first person in the history of the internet to have a URL banned from the search engines back in 96 by webcrawler for keyword stuffing after it showed up in all 30 results in all the search engines for the 8 terms i targeted, (pre-Google days, webcrawler was THE index that ended up as Yahoo!'s non- directory results, among others), since then (1996), I have always followed the rules for my clients for the last 10 years. I currently manage the Organic SEO campaigns for 53 clients (until we pick up two more today), as well as being the Dir. of Internet Marketing for my agency and some of our clients, we charge hourly based on a retainer with documented traffic and keyword results reported to the client on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on budget and client expectations. (FYI.. the reports eat up all the time)

i don't do speaking (anymore and don't want to), i used to do a weekly synidcated radio program for clear channel on the internet, I used to be on 3 different TV stations weekly talking about the internet, (mostly to promote the internet as a method of getting new business from 1995 to 2002), i don't go to SES, etc.. Why would I want to tell trade secrets developed by not sleeping and testing using mutlivariate methods over the past 12 years? hello?

I'm not in it for the notoriety, i'm in it for the money and making sure our clients are on the front page, (proven results means they renew their retainer every month, that's all i'm worried about), and most of the time our clients are in the top 5 or the top 2 results.... so i'm not one of those people who crawls message boards for ideas, other than how to work around crap like CMS systems like DNN, etc..

i have a bachelors in psyche and criminal justice and at one time used to work with certain federal law enforcement agencies as an expert witness for internet related cases.

i don't bullshit, i'm an a$$hole when people say stupid things about what I do because they are misinforming others, which discredits the honesty and ethical methods we use for our clients..

no.. i'm not the person to ask about how to do this or that.. my third monitor's home page is, because if you can't follow the rules and get good organic placement then i'm going to bitchslap you.. my consulting rate on SEO is $5000 an hour (in otherwords, NO!, unless you want to make it worth my while to train your marketing department and pay my $10,000 yearly license for my copyrighted Meta)

otherwise i roll with really hot chicks, dj in dance clubs all over the U.S. at night and love my job because i work with great people who are great at managing client expectations...

I'm dj'ing @ WMC in Miami in March so if you like dance music, hit me up


SEO - 3 out of 4 rockets scientists don't get it either...

what a tool

what a tool

dave pasternack

I am going to win this seo contest

No I am not dave pasternack

Just thought it would be fun to use his name for the contest


I've been doing SEO for since the early 90-ies, with intermittent success though :-)
Now decided to show up again with my LZZR project. This one is indeed about a kind of shameless self-promotion, but at the same time I am trying some new techniques there - for some it will be old news bthough ut I need to see for myself what works and what doesn't in web 2.0.

Sort of fell into SEO

I sort of fell into SEO right out of college in 1998. I had just finished my second Internet Marketing course at SDSU (Go Aztecs), and turned down an offer to TA the instructor's next few classes.

Within a couple of weeks I began working for a local start-up, where I was told to learn how to "spread the word" on the Internet. I did and the rest is history.


I freelanced until 2003, when I found an awesome opportunity to become the Marketing Manager (handle SEO, SEM, and Affiliate Program) for a hi-potential, online prepaid phone card retailer.

I'm still here and love coming to work every day.


I started playing with SEO in the late nineties, when I was a Paralegal trying to get my bosses website to show up, my then girlfriend - now wife designed that website, was also just getting introduced to the field and she ran with it and became pretty successful at it.

I quit the Paralegal field and went to work for her business - she won't give me any stock! The rest is history. We have had a monster year and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Learn More to Earn More

Till about early 2000 I wasn't aware that, an Online Marketing Industry existed.

Since the day I started working with this excellent company which taught me all the aspects of Online marketing starting from SEO, PPC, Affiliate and E-Mail I have been enjoying my work and feel like learning more and more about this industry. I am a Google Adwords certified & SEO Certified professional and have been working with Online marketing for quite some time now………..

SEO and PPC are my main interest areas. I have learnt a lot and have been learning in this, all time dynamic industry. Dynamic ? A new meaning for me as of now as it gives me immense pleasure to learn more and more and more……

Here to learn...

Looking forward to sitting back, and keeping my mouth shut for a little while.


Hey, so I'm new ....

I am interested in SEO issues. I am based in Toledo, OH. What do I do? That's hard to say but I do have some website businesses and am interested to learning more about SEO etc. I look forward to doing a lot of reading and know I have loads to learn.

One of my websites is - a home business - nothing to do with SEO.

every day's a school day

I've recently started providing an integrated copywriting and SEO service for a wide range of clients.
I have much to thank Aaron Wall for!
Just want to keep rolling with the punches and learning as I go.

dave pasternack

I'm french SEO/webmaster/admin/repairman/... for a (vewy) small company

long time lurker,
thought i'd say hi to dave

won't talk a lot as this is not my native language... is why i got out of the woods ^^

Thought I'd Say Hello

Been reading for a while but finally decided to make an account to help update the status of the recent google advertising problems. Figured I'd throw in an update since I'm sure others are just as upset about recent problems as I am.

As for the introduction to who I am and the pitch for what I do, well I guess I can say this:

I’ve been an application based programmer for 10+ years but after becoming more interested and involved in the world of metal working I’ve left my keyboards to slowly gather dust. (who knows maybe someday I’ll return to the nice relaxing feel of an office chair and a cubical) For the last three I've been working with a company (CrestonTrail Industries) that’s helping revolutionize the welding industry through lowering the certification/qualification cost to -three- times less then the standard price scale found in North America.

This way hard working welders can actually afford to further there career and bid on more advanced jobs while companies can finally certify all employees in multiple areas without going bankrupt. =D Working on world wide change but you have to start somewhere right? Was sick and tired of staring at code and decided to get trained to do something completely different and I’ve NEVER looked back. (good bye .NET framework and for the record, I HATE YOU.. ;) Business is owned by a Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) who’s even certified and working on the bleeding edge of robotic welding. Past fabrication projects include; hollywood stage sets, repairing nuclear power plants, building military hangers, and computer chip polishing equipment.

The price drop he’s pushing covers codes from AWS, ASME, & API. Brand new 2007 website launched, not perfect yet but coming along. New store system coming online soon since it’s growing out of single city testing facilities into a nation wide business. Pretty proud of the company I’m working for and the exotic things I’ve ended up building. (that amount to more then thousands of lines of c++)

Check it out if you’re a welder or know one:


Hello from Panama

Hello...I am the search marketing specialist for WSI Panama. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, I moved down here about 2 years ago.

I really enjoy being involved in communities such as this since I am off the beaten SEO track!

My big project right now is promoting an IPTV channel about Real Estate in Panama, and soon other countries in Latin America, called Latin America Real Estate TV at Please feel free to give me feedback!!!

Yet Another Thing to Read...

Hello All,

Thanks for having me. Much like many here, I am here to learn as well as try to educate.

I am an SEO Specialist at SendTraffic Inc. ( in New York.

I think I spend about half my day reading industry publications, blogs, articles, and forums. So whats another hour each day, right?


hi all!!!!!!!!
i m new here

Greetingz from the Netherlands :)

Hi, my name is Ramon Eijkemans, also called 'monchito', and i'm a SEO with a Dutch company called Onetomarket. If you happen to read Dutch, visit my website at :) If you don't, well, maybe we'll talk on another site, for instance overhere :)

And now for something really profound...

Welcome all :)

Hello Everybody,

Hello Everybody,

I'm a newbie when it comes to seo and my goal is to learn seo and site building so I can create good websites out of the couple of domains I have and have these websites make google fall madly in love with them :-)
(I'll also want soft kisses from yahoo and and friendly hugs from MSN/Live :)

Hi everyone!!! I am a

Hi everyone!!!
I am a science student, from India.


I'm a geek.

Love in Motion

That is what i consider the Internet. It's an amazing vehicle to do just about anything. Therefore, I've found a new love and it's constantly moving forward. I've been in the direct marketing field and for the past year have self taught myself seo and internet marketing. I've also attended many conferences, workshops, training sessions, webinars, read books and spent hundreds of hours online. My direct marketing background undoubtably has helped me get a firm grasp for understanding the various methods used to promote a business online. I have a consulting company and I'm ready to go full steam ahead. I actually took a few years off to spend with my girls and that mean't more to me than working and making money. Thank God i was in a position to spend the time but I'm now ready to work hard like I've been used to doing for as long as i can remember. I'm always looking to learn and feel the more i learn the less i know.

Good evening from BatteryFuel

My name is Patrick Allmond and I am the owner of We specialize in batteries for laptops, camcorders and digital cameras.

For you SEO, marketing and affiliate marketing experts I invite you to try out our affiliate program at .

Have a great weekend. And keep up the social news.
Patrick Allmond

Hello world


Just a quick intro.
I work in internet since 1997. Was helping to build one of the European portals, now run my own (with my colleagues :) ) company for SEM and SEO called .

My main interests are in finding new things, new ways and thinking (sometimes doing) the new projects.

I am not technician, but my main skill is thinking and drive.

Wish you all have a great time :)


es un honor a estar aquí

I'm an Affiliate/Search Engine Marketer and President of a small affiliate marketing company. I've been doing business online since around 2000. I'm humbled to be in the presence of so many great online business professionals and look forward to contributing and receiving from the community. My personal blog: Online Business and Search Marketing Blog


Hi, I'm new in seo and I believe this is a god site for me to start learning. After some time I hope someone 'll learn from me.


I'm new to all this SEO stuff and I am reading everything I can find on the subject and then trying to sort it all out. I started an e-commerce site Collectible Swords USA about a year ago and am trying to market it with all this new found information.
I am hoping that this site will help me to accomplish that.

Wish me luck!

Hi folks. I'm an NZ web

Hi folks. I'm an NZ web developer/designer. Into e-learning, PDAs, travel and web design!

Hello all,

Just finally coming 'round full circle for the nth time in so many years to see what's happening these days with SEO and such. 'have had several sites around for a number of years and a big problem lately with one of them. I think I'll continue to search around here and there before settling down and popping a question about it. Thanks and good to be here.

Good Day to you all!

My name is Mario and I have been developing websites since 1998. My partner and I are from British Columbia, Canada and we hope to help make a difference with our most recent launch

Something that was kind of cool was the spot of attention we received from Yahoo TV "The 9";_ylt=Ancg2STz9KTTHmjHvgeBD4IAZ88F
Story #1 - Gotta Hand it to Ya" Worth the click just to see the lovely Maria, the host of the show.

We would welcome any feedback from this group as by what I have read here many of you have much more programming and development experience than we do....thanks


I'm a Drupal developer and designer with an interest in SEO and related fields..


Hi...I'm new here, just thought I would say hello.

Lately I've been doing a lot of data mining, so if anyone needs a 20k page site reduced to a csv file, drop me a line ;-)


I'm a professional SEO who is here to learn from the masters.

Hi there

I'm a designer and developer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. I'm a long time reader, but never signed up.... until now!

Hello to the SEO community!

Hello everyone!

I've been working in the SEO field as "strategist", researcher, and programmer for over a year, with some experience before that. My background is in computer science with various software experience. I entered SEO because I wanted to enter something fun, new, and rewarding -- I hope to share my experiences with you folks here.

Hey all! My name is Shad

Hey all! My name is Shad and I market affordable health insurance and life insurance on the web. I have learned a ton in a short amount of time thanks to people like Aaron and I hope to be able to contribute to this board with some of the things I have learned as well as learn more from others. I have been studying SEO stuff for about a year and only doing my own websites for about that same amount of time.

Hello everybody

I am a new SEO company looking to get some good networking done here. I am based in Las Vegas right now and I just wanted to say hello to everybody

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