Apple iPhone & Mobile Marketing


Apple recently announced the launch of their iPhone. The NYT published an article about using the iPhone:

The Web browsing experience is incredible. You see the entire Web page on the iPhone’s screen. You double-tap any spot to zoom in. Or you use the two-fingered spread-apart gesture to “stretch” the image larger, or pinch your thumb and forefinger on the glass to zoom out again. The manipulation is seamless, smoothly animated—and useful. Using Google Maps to get you driving directions and maps, for example, is just light-years simpler and more powerful than on any other machine, thanks to this “rubber Web page” stretching technology.

Brett Tabke recently predicted mobile marketing will be the next big thing, and MediaPost writes the iPhone will spur the whole mobile ad category:

Cyriac Roeding, vice president of wireless at CBS Interactive, agreed that the new iPod phone, slated for release in June, is likely to spark a surge in mobile marketing--provided that users embrace it the same way they turned to the iPod a few years ago.