eBay to Buy StubHub


eBay announced they are buying event ticket broker StubHub for $310 million cash.


In for a world of hurt

I've been an SEO in the secondary ticket market going on 3 years now, and let me tell you... EBay is in for a world of hurt!

StubHub as late as September 06 was trailing the *real* leader in the ticket world, the company that *created* the industry back at the turn of hte millennium, TicketsNow.com in every category (still is in most). But then StubHub turned on the BlackHat.

You would not *believe* how many times we get calls from people complaining that they bought stuff from our site only to find out that a pop over had diverted them from our shopping cart to stubhub's. As with any blackhat in the ticket world, this is *always* blamed on the shadowy Mr. Affiliate.

Please, can someone explain...

...to me the difference between *cough* 'secondary ticketing' and common or garden scalping?

PS. A write-up in Wired about doing it for a fast buck doesn't make scalping socially acceptable, IMHO.

What's your bone?

Hopeseekr, what's your bone to pick with StubHub? I understand that use of pop overs is blackhat, but the reality is it's legally acceptable, so...

I'm interested to get your take on why your think EBay's in for a world of hurt as they digest the acquisition, though. Care to share more thoughts?

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