YouTube to get TV Station


NEWS BRIEF: YouTube is reviewing its plans for moving into television following interest from various networks, according to the company's VP of content, Kevin Donahue.

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Founders Note:
This doesn't make sense.. YouTube is filled with 4 minute videos... unless this is ondemand TV I don't know how they could make a TV station from it.



Diversify until you find something you can waste all your money on.


What about the rights to the videos? hmm...


Well they could organize it into "segments", 30 minutes of head/gut/crotch shots, works for America's funniest videos. Karaoke hour 60 minutes of people singing badly with some good one's worked in, the audition shows for American Idol get some of the highest ratings. Stupid pet tricks, amatuer magic tricks, hot chicks who do ... well does it really matter what hot chicks are doing for you to watch?

It seems that this YouTube

It seems that this YouTube clip (credits to Gerbot for pointing me to it) could well be coming true.

You Tube

as a television station airing what?

In comparision to a TV station its just public acess TV and a combination of the "worlds funniest home videos part 3007"

That said, the "dont be evil" founders, are in print and have moved into radio, so TV whether as a YouTube move or a Google one has always just been a matter of time

Oh yeah - just what we need

Oh yeah - just what we need - endless reruns of D1ck in a Box at prime time...LOL

Who am I kidding, I'd still laugh!

Good move - get AFHV off the freaking air please!

Well, it certainly couldn't

Well, it certainly couldn't be worse than the Google and Al Gore station, Current. Now THAT is more or less a self-important snoozefest.

ROTFL --- Comcast "on-demand"... Youtube on TV...

Hey folks,
I have Comcast Cable at home (only cable/cable internet in the area) and there are --=tons=-- of youtube like video clips. I remember flipping through the the on-demand area and seeing many videos from niche players like and a few others that have areas in the on-demand menu.

I'm an anime fan, and I flipped through some of the anime section's titles to find that they had interviews with Cosplayers from various anime/sci fi/whatever conventions as well as clips from and I believe others like G4 if I'm not mistaken. Any way, there were tons of clips but the organization is a bit topsy turvey when I've flipped through there. But a lot of the low quality stuff seems like something I've seen before on collegehumor, kontraband and similar sites.

Could this be turned into a TV channel. Probably not. But then again... you have Al Gore's "current tv" which is made up of a bevy of short clips and on Direct TV as well as on the web. Is it a commercial success? Not sure, but likely, no. But that could be the content. Politics, news, etc. isn't necessarily as appealing to the masses as content you'd find on Youtube...

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