Arranging a UK SEO Meet


So let's organise a UK/EU meet here?

How about somewhere near Stansted airport as that is easiest to get to from the rest of Europe.

I'll take on the mantle of organising it if you want. Thoughts and would Nick, would you come over from Denmark (but only if you bring the bacon with ya!)


Done Deal

Now, im locking this one pending an official "attendees" thread later today - if anyone wants to shoot me some good pics of the hotel, sorounding areas or any relevant flight/transport info please do!

Look for the announcement in maybe 4-5hrs

Non Official night of stay is

Non Official night of stay is Saturday 28th May 2005

I'll be there before and after, recovering from too much canned meat talk and beer consumed but it's a personal choice as to when you book.

Personally I'd suggest you speak to Sarah and book for Friday and Saturday nights as well cos you'll be missing out if you don't :)

I had forgotten it was bank holiday...

There is a small issue with monday though - hangovers on Tuesday!

What do you think Jason?

Nick says saturday, Jason monday?

Which is the "official" non-organised day for maximum VFM? :O)

I *might* be able to persuade the missus for an additional night but any more would be pushing it :OS

I think it is likely that man

I think it is likely that many people will come down early and leave late but that's a personal decision for us all to take.

At the moment the only "non official, non structured, non gathering" is for the day / night of the 30th May :)

Don't forget that if you do come early / leave late that you can get into London from the local train station straight into Liverpool Street station to see the sights there.

Or if you merely want to shop then Lakeside shopping centre (nice spammy 3rd level domain name I see ,Bluewater shopping centre as well as Oxford Street and Regent Street in the West End of London are all pretty easy to get to.

You could of course just enjoy the Essex and Herts countryside or if you can't stay away from your "Texas Hold Em" gambling addiction I suggest you pop down to Newmarket race course and place a few notes in the hands of the bookies there :)

Personally I'll probably just bring a tent, set up in the lounge with the WIFI connection and *cough* do my best to add value to existing web sites out there by offering free content for them to keep or delete at will :)

rel=nofollow my arse!

Think I might have to skip this one ...

Already committed to scuba diving in southern Spain that week, which is a shame as I'd far rather be smoking Mick G's cigarettes while watching 4Eyes diffuse bar fights. ;)

Oh well, maybe next time ...

Saturday - around lunchtime

Say 2pm Saturday guys?

Bar friday night of course - but the 'official' thing being 2pm saturday till you fall over...

Will be just the one night for me

Can't afford more than one night and I am going to france on the 1st. Will there be a meeting place/time or should I just hang around the bar looking lonely? :O)

Extra Nights Before or After?

Hiya Smiley. So you're coming down on 30th and leaving on 1st?

I might come down day before on 29th.

What about everybody else?


Personally im hoping to arrive friday lunchtime and leave sunday lunch, i'd come on thurs but i have to look after this place too heh...

I'll probably book the night after too

Kier, you're right, just one night of excess isnt enough ;)

2 Nights

Quite often people turn up to events a day or two early to hang round hotel and meet up with people. Any plans to do the same here? ie. are people just arriving on the 30th and staying that night or is anyone booking the 29th as well?

Writing from Bishops Stortford

I live in Bishops Stortford and although not an SEO guru (white hat or black hat) - I do know a fair bit about Google Adwords though. I do have a friend who I could probably bring along who is an SEO nut and I'm willing to learn :)

I can scope out the area a little - my friend mentioned a very nice Curry if anybody likes the sound of that I can investigate further.

There is a brand new hotel at the airport where the bar staff do some aerial acrobatics to get your drinks - I haven't seen it but it sounds cool.


Paul Cowen


SOrry J, i see that now - that little sentence rattles off almost automatically today and it's been a busy day for sign ups heh..


May 30th

May 30th Gerbot - bank holiday weekend :)

What is the date for this?

1st of June?

sorry I'm a little slow today


Firstly, welcome to Threadwatch John! please introduce yourself...

Now, as if you needed another good reason to hook up with some fine marketers in a pub in sunny stanstead: Beer Fights Cancer - so apparently it'll be for the good of eveyone's health aswell :)

I did!

Hi Nick,

I already did the intro thing - it's all Jason's fault he told me about Threadwatch - expect the tone to be well and truly lowered ;)


I'll try to make the 300 mile journey ;)

Hey Jason,

You had to choose somewhere close to the arsehole of England!

I know you've been north of Watford at least once - hopefully the next one can be in the Lake District :D


Try to work something out...

My little sister grads college on the 29th, so, making ses was already going to be tight - making it in by the 30th might be a true challenge, but I'll see what I can do ;).

Sounds like a plan.

Sounds like a plan.

Boss has let me have the day after off

So providing the trusty magic plastic works, expect to see a tipsy geek with a barnsley accent wandering around the place looking dazed and/or confused on the 30th. :O)

Correction to previous email

Correction to previous email address for the hotel.

It is

MrM. I am looking into the


I am looking into the email issue right now.

Email to Sarah

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Name Suggestion


"Never mind the Bollocks"


As for nottingham, i know a few people "up north" so ill ask around too...

If family doesn't go with me

I might be able to go via Nottingham, I live in South Yorks

Nottingham is easy

If I can make it from California, Nottingham is easy !!!

Let me see if I can hook you up with a Nottingham TW member....

yes you can XC. It's a 2.5 -

yes you can XC. It's a 2.5 - 3 hour drive.

Come on, you know you wanna :)

Soooo tempted

But I cant go unfortunatly :( There's no chance of me getting down to Hertfordshire (I live in Nottingham)... Have a drink for me guys.

WiFi is available throughout

WiFi is available throughout the hotel via T Mobile :)

OK here we go :) Cost opti

OK here we go :)

Cost options:

£85 per night Bed and Breakfast
£95 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Single Room
£125 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Double Room.

Please make all bookings direct with Sarah at the Down Hall Hotel on +44 1279 732169 or email her on

mentioning "Threadwatch" when you make contact.

The hotel has 99 rooms and at present all except 2 (that I have booked) are available.

Please let me know on

when you have booked.

I look forward to seeing you there :)

Chris, Gimme a few mins ma


Gimme a few mins mate. I am on the phone at the moment to the hotel trying to sort a few things out.

Whilst I am on hold though I will say this :)

I am looking into transport from Stansted airport as well as from the train station for those coming in from Liverpool Street. I want this to be as easy to attend and enjoyable as possible for everyone so once we get some numbers sorted and where people are coming from I may organise a minibus

Once we have a name sorted out I'll open up a website etc so we can sort things out in a more organised way going forward :)

Is there wifi/t'internet?

Can't see on the hotel site if they have t'internet access other than modem points?

Great stuff

Do we do bookings/arrangements through JasonD or book with hotel ourselves? I will be more than likely bringing along wife and small child to share the trip (I will get drunk with you lot while they go shopping etc).

It would be nice for it to be a TW thing, I quote like BeerWatch or PubWatch (how about Threadmeet, Threaderati? *g*)

30th May?

Is that a bank holiday?

it sure is

it sure is

Looks good

Im up for all of that, thanks for setting it up Jason!


Im not sure we should brand this as a Threadwatch thing - after all, i just hosted the thread :) Im open to suggestion though and if enough people think it will help then i dont see any harm in it.


I did have the thought that a "contribution" jar could be set up, purely on a voluntary basis - say $50 a head - this would allow us to pop a whole wad of cash behind the bar and if i know TW members then i shouldnt think there would be too many people not contributing :)

If there was any money that looked like it might exceed the bar bill (heaven forbid) it could be put into child minding or taxi hire or whatever, even raffled i guess...

Just a thought..

Details to come but for now.....

Here is what is fixed.

Date: 30th May 2005
Where: The Down Hall Country House Hotel
Cost: Zilch to attend but I have negotiated a deal of £85 per night per room, bed and breakfast if you want to stay

Rules: Invite only ala SEO Roadshow, this will be quite open but idiots will NOT be tolerated. All TW members are invited.

No promos of ANY kind.

This is a Pure Pub style meeting in a truly beautiful hotel, set in some gorgeous countryside with some top notch facilities on site with superb transport infrastructure to enable you to see the sights in and around London or Essex if you wish (though personally I'll probably be too drunk)

Now, if we can come up with a name for it ?

I can only come up with: WidgetMeet, BeerWatch and ThreadCon which all sound cack to me. What can you think of?

Official TW thread to come soon :D


What about where you were with the free wifi? ;-)

stanstead yuk!

I was in stanstead today changing planes to barcelona and I had 5 hours to kill, so I went into Bishop stortford ( 10 mins on the bus). A usual english town but a reasonable size and quite a few pubs. Would do for a meet.

I say bollocks, especially to

I say bollocks, especially to london, cos its full of motors and people in a hurry. Count me in :)

Stanstead - Anywhere - Just book it

Get it booked and we will be there

Stansted is superb choice imho

Been there for SMA EU Meeting and was like a charm. Pretty good to fly in (Easyjet and most other discount airlines) and nice hotel for people that want to stay overnight.

I guess Tel Aviv is no option...

I'm willing to route you all via

You can count on a middle-east interest in any TW pub meeting ;-)

someone just make a call

State the bar and hotel on here and someone will turn up.

Rc did it and it worked., plus others have done it.


No Charleston :(

Finally when we looked like we might get a US meet up in a place that looked vaguely interesting it doesn't get off the ground :(

However I'll be up for any get together in the UK this year. And would love to go to a US meet somewhere 'interesting'


Whilst making the point that Stansted is the worst venue EVER, IMNSHO, I would still attend.

I realise that choosing Stansted is just a ploy to keep us Northerners away, and I can't let you get away with that ;)

IMO, large meetings are only

IMO, large meetings are only as good as the small private meetings they spawn. WmW's last "World of Search" in Vegas was a disaster on that score (IMHO) but that was primarily because of the venue and the casino distractions. The usual crowd was there, but it just didn't seem to gel. While I'm at it, I'd say that last SES-NYC had a similar problem.

The US roadshow isn't likely

The US roadshow isn't likely to happen, too many seo 'events' that time of year already. Default to webmasters in the sun in California.

>I'd prefer the hotel/pub idea

Yeah, me too. In fact, having done a few of these now, I'm thinking of going back to Mackin's original idea of "Hey, I'm going to be in (place) on (date) and staying in (hotel), anybody want to meet for a pint?"