You have to pay $60 to keep 'craplets' off Vista


Dell : You have to pay us 60 bucks to keep AOL and other craplets off your new box.

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That is great... either pay Dell 60 bucks or work for 3 hours to remove all the trash that comes installed with the box.


I'd Pay It !

$60 = £30 ish
My time is worth more than £10 per hour

I think the author makes it

I think the author makes it pretty clear that this was just speculation and that the $60 number was about what it would take if this had a chance of happening. And he doesn't think it would:

We'll probably never be given the "opportunity" to pay more for a PC without crapware.

We recently tried to order a

We recently tried to order a clean box from Dell via the phone but the rep said that the ad-promo-crap (not his exact words, I've fine-tuned them just a bit for TW) was part & parcel of the low price.

So, I bought the cheap box then cranked up the PC Decrapifier and it took about 10 minutes to run. I then did about another 20 minutes of nuking via the control panel.

A friend of mine was playing with Vista

but then he realized lots of programs would either not run or run very slow and realized it was not worth it.

I am not upgrading my XP yet.

Are they offering something worth having ?

Vista? (written from win2k box)

I'm still waiting to see if XP has anything worth having. Looks like Mac will be my "next" OS even if Jobs did remove Computer from Apple's company name.

Vista Looking "Not So Good"

I think I'll hold off on any upgrade too. From a lot of beta testers, it seems to really take up a lot of resources. The new DRM system is supposed to also be a huge hog as well.

I only just "switched" to XP

I only just "switched" to XP because I got a new box last summer; had been using Win2K before that.

They're pretty much the same, although XP does have drivers for everything I've tried. There does seem to be a throttle on uploading semi-large amounts of files (starts out fast, then slows to a crawl), which doesn't work out well for a web development company. Still dealing with that.

My "old" Win2K computer still works fine. Not looking to switch to anything just now. The question (for me) would be: why?

I had a really bad craplet

I had a really bad craplet on the last PC I bought, pre-installed by the OEM. It was called Windows, and it's really hard to ditch.

>Windows Yeah, I'm on a


Yeah, I'm on a drive to reduce my app and OS dependency. The flip side, though, is that I have to be careful not to transfer that dependency to Firefox and its extensions.

Alternatives to craplets

I switched to Linux a couple of years ago and it has worked out great for me. I still have a dual boot system, but it's another alternative to craplets.

Personally, I run Win2K.

Personally, I run Win2K. I've used XP systems (at work, friends PC's etc) and I've never been that impressed. I've seen almost no improvements (for me at least) over 2K, and several significant problems with XP that put me off.

From everything that's been said so far, Vista sounds worse. The only rason I can see for gettign the "upgrade" would be to play new generation ganes that no longer support Win2K. I don't get much time to play games any more, but I do like a good blast every now and again.

I'd buy a brand new machine, specifically for gaming to do it though. I wouldn't want Vista contaminating my work machine.

TallTroll, if I could ask,

TallTroll, if I could ask, what problems with XP put you off?

1) Difficulty in accessing

1) Difficulty in accessing certain Windows functions (buried under 7 layers of menus etc)
2) I don't like having to reset the look and feel just to access some functions on the desktop / Start menu
3) I don't find that XP boots faster, not by a long chalk
4) ... nor do I find it more stable. Quite the opposite in both cases. I realise others may have different experiences
5) Somewhat trivial, but XP has real issues playing some older games, even in the "emulation" modes. On the rare occasions I get time to play, I want to play the games I like, and some of them are from the last century... given how much of my sodding HDD XP would want, you could actually include pristine copies of '95/'98 to run old apps under (not just games) without making too much difference to the install size

The only XP feature I like is the built-in slideshow for images. It's convenient to be able to view the d/l'd camera pics of SmallTroll that way, but now I've got Photoshop Elemnets on my Win2k machine, I can do that anyway

Okay :)

Thanks, TallTroll. I was just wondering.

I had forgotten the weird menu thing (it's so confusing that I'm not sure who would have been helped by it); I had reset it to display like Win2K. And found, somewhere along the line, the Windows Explorer and other functions and created shortcuts to them. I need to see files, and right away, not cute menus, but that's just my preference.

I've had odd experiences with uploading loads of files; it starts off fast and then slows to a crawl. Not sure what is causing that yet, but it isn't helpful.

I haven't really had any stability problems, but then this is a new machine with a fast processor and loads of RAM. Prior to this, I was very happy with Win2K, but this will do. Except for the uploading issue.

Thanks again.

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